Here's How You can Easily Extend the Reach of Your Events

You’ve been there: Wanting to inform your followers about all of your upcoming events, yet not knowing the right way to do it.

Save the date emails are an option, but you don’t want to end up spamming your potential attendees with multiple messages. Plus, what about people who aren’t on your email distribution list? You could also ask web developers to write a few code lines so that you could add a new web section for future events, yet this means wasting time and money.

Don’t worry. You need a quick fix and we have it!

Check out the new Events Calendar widget, designed especially for you. It’s simple, responsive, and 100% adaptable. Just ask for your code, integrate it into your website (or other sites of your choice), and that’s it.

Manag many events in one dashboard

Your Events Calendar will update automatically according to the new information and events you’ll add through your Eventtia account. Your followers (and potential attendees) will be able to scroll through the calendar and immediately have all the data they need (such as the description of the event, the date, the location, etc.).

This way, you’ll be sure that everyone knows about your future events well in advance and can decide if they want to attend.

So what are you waiting for? Ask for your Events Calendar widget and start using it right away!


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Written by Victoria

Communication and journalism with master's degree on Event Management. Insterest areas: Knowledge and Events.

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