Eventtia launches at the Web Summit 2014

Nov 12, 2014 3:31:47 AM Admin
This is it! Eventtia launched it’s business in Europe at WebSummit 2014 in Dublin! We were so proud to share our brand new web-based technology for professional events to the european crowd. It was our first participation to a technology event and we exceeded our expectations.
Our philosophy of simple event management and our international reach captivated the attention of many visitors. We were very glad to talk to bloggers, investors, entrepreneurs and event managers.
In particular, people were really impressed, as they told us, by two things :
-  People couldn’t believe we have created a complete « suite » that fulfills all the needs for most event organizers. One of them said to us: « Oh, so you’re like salesforce for events! »
-  We are global from the start. This is in our DNA. Our teams are based in Medellín, Colombia and in Paris, France, and we’re already available in 3 major languages: English, Spanish and French.
It was an inspiring moment and we’re now back to work, energized and willing to continue to build our global solution for events. We’re already waiting for next year’s edition!


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