Why should we use technology for our events?

May 3, 2016 4:06:50 PM Admin

When we ask event professionals, feedbacks are very different. Some of them say yes, others say no or not all the time. We cannot use technology just “to get an innovated event”. When we bring this kind of products & services, we have to answer to a specific need. Technology has to be a real added value for your event.

We would say the answer is yes and no at the same time. If an event mobile app is used to allow attendees interact and become part of the entire event, this is an added value. But if it is used only to have an #eventtech product sharing basic information, that is not necessary to get one. Of course, mobile apps can have a lot of interested other tools, it depends of your event strategy.

Let’s take another example, why should we use an event management platform even if we already have a dedicated team? This is one of the questions we often used to answer to our leads within Eventtia. Administrative or logistic tasks (registration, communication, selling booth, website creation, etc…) can be a real “waste of time” and a redundant exercise. An Event Management Platform brings added value in automating and digitalizing all these boring tasks in order to gain time and focus on more strategic ones like the event main thread or content. An event manager does not have to work 50% of his time doing logistics but should develop the event experience which is one the main reasons why his client give him the project lead!

Event professionals should remind them why they realize events. It is, first of all, a strong communication tool allowing people to meet each other about common interests – personal or professional- in order to receive a specific message. Technology does not have to replace human exchange but have to strengthen it and help this message to be received by the audience. As you can see, there are many reasons to become #eventtech: facilitate organization, put attendees at the heart of the event or generate more statistics.

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