When it comes to quality and excellence, we at Eventtia believe in empowering people to design memorable events that will thrill their guests.

That’s why we’re happy to inform you that Eventtia ranked as the 11th most affordable event management software.

Compiled by software research company Capterra, the newly released Top 20 Most Affordable Event Management Software list compared data from more than 400 event-planning solutions. As a result, we made the top 15, an accomplishment we are very proud of.

Among the analyzed criteria were functionality, overall quality, and value. The study also highlighted Eventtia’s following features: event scheduling, contact management, registration management, attendee management, social promotion, email outreach, payment processing, ticketing, and analytics.

As Rachel Wille, senior research product analyst at Capterra, notes, “The Affordability Score is determined by an algorithm that takes cost, features offered for that cost and customer reviews into consideration. With a high score of 90, Eventtia was able to rank in the top 15.”

We truly believe that this type of award reflects our commitment and dedication to provide the best services for our clients and add real value to their professional lives. However, our work doesn’t stop here—there are so many other things to accomplish.



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Written by Victoria

Communication and journalism with master's degree on Event Management. Insterest areas: Knowledge and Events.

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