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Because of our unwavering commitment to empower you with the best planning tools ever, we are constantly improving and updating our event managing software.

Each month, we’re working on new features and changes to increase the efficiency of our product.

Here’s a full list of new features and bug fixes we’ve introduced this month:

Security modules for attendee types

This new functionality is especially beneficial for larger planning teams. Now you can assign access to different attendee types per user.

For example, let’s say you plan an event and decide to set up two attendee types: VIP and participants.

The event has two users: Daniel and Claudia.

You can allow Daniel to access (view and modify) the state of both attendee types (VIP and participants), while in Claudia’s case, you can give her access to just one attendee type (participants).

Group registration improvements

We’ve optimized the group registration, making it more usable and easier to understand. Thanks to the UI/UX changes, the attendees will enjoy an effortless group registration.

Group registration improvements

Tags for making changes of registration data easier

It’s very common for event planners to ask their participants to update the information they provided via the registration form.

Before, this was possible only by using magic links or other hacks.

In this release, however, we’ve added two tags that now allow the planner to send a link (via mass mailing) to attendees and ask them to click on it.

Once attendees click the link, they’ll be taken to their personal (filled) registration forms. From there, they can add or change any data.

The new tags are: ${attendee_resume_registration_url} and ${attendee_resume_registration_button}.

Making changes of registration data easier

The logo on the B2B agendas

When the B2B agendas are printed, the Event logo appears on the top of each document, highlighting the brand of the event.

Logo on B2B agendas - EVENTTIA

Date or Date/Hour fields 

When designing the registration form, the planners have access to custom fields. One of them was “Date/Time.” For example, the organizers could ask the attendees for their Date of Birth. However, when the attendee was filling out the form, because of the “Date/Time” format of the field, they were also asked to indicate an hour. That’s why, we’ve included separate Date and Date/Hour fields.

Date and hour fields on Eventtia


Fill the date and hours on Eventtia

Reach every attendee

Thanks to this new feature, now you can resend any mass mailings to anyone who didn’t receive the original message. Just access the email statistics, identify who didn’t receive your email, click on the paper plane icon, and resend the email.

Reach every attendee with Eventtia


Eventtia platform Features


Eventtia platform instructions


  • The responsiveness of the public registry. We fixed an issue related to the responsiveness of the public registry. Before, there was a problem in showing the workshops. The page wouldn’t adapt correctly to mobile device screens. The issue was successfully solved.

Mobile view of Eventtia Plarform


Mobile view of Eventtia


Eventtia on mobile

  • Image Quality Platform-Wide. We’ve greatly improved the handling of images within the Eventtia platform. The images will continued to be optimized, but with a very low loss of quality and size.
  • Sender’s name. In the sender’s name field, characters others than letters and numbers won’t be accepted anymore.
  • Cloning confirmation. We added a confirmation message when cloning a participant type.
  • Active or not. Account overwrite will only shows active accounts.

If you want to learn more about these changes, please feel free to send us an email at support@eventtia.com or follow us on Twitter @Eventtia. We are always happy to help!


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