Eventtia Ekō Podcast #3: ROI and Virtual Events with Dr Elling Hamso

Hosts: Mauricio Palacio, Victoria Rudi

Guest: Dr Elling Hamso

Welcome back to the Eventtia Ekō podcast. For episode number 3, we were delighted to be joined by founder of the Event ROI Institute, Elling Hamso. As a consultant and speaker, Elling is a well-known name in the industry working as an active jury member of European Best Event Awards (EuBEA), International Best Event Awards, Middle East Best Event Awards, Meetings Industry Marketing Awards (MIMA) in the UK.

We start things off by talking about the pandemic and the expected long term effects that it will have on the events industry. Elling explains to us how we’re taking a huge digital leap 20 years into the future. Companies will always need to communicate and what we’re discovering is a silver lining where we can do things cheaper and better online.

We then go on to discuss ROI and why it is so important to run events with a bottom line, especially in these challenging times. Elling tells us the core elements of ROI, how we can apply it to events, and why the hardest part is always setting the right, relevant objectives. To wrap things up, we talk about the role of technology in the events industry and the huge acceleration we have seen over the past few months.

Running time: 46:14

If you’d like to reach out to Elling, or learn more about ROI you can visit the Event ROI Institute here.


3:03 - How did you get from the oil and gas industry to the events industry?

3:35 - What’s your take on the pandemic and how do you think it will impact the industry in the long-term?

5:38 - Can you tell us what a virtual event is?

8:38 - Do you think this could be the end of in-person events?

10:54 - Will physical events need to change to compete with online events?

12:02 - How did you come up with the idea of creating the ROI institute and what’s the idea behind it?

14:51 - What are the elements for evaluating the ROI of an event?

20:46 - How can we measure ROI?

26:30 - How can we apply ROI methodology to online events?

30:29 - Are we getting better ROI with online events or are we seeing different objectives?

34:15 - How can we evaluate the emotional impact a virtual event has on attendees?

39:04 - Are people willing to pay to attend a virtual event?

41:47 - How do you see the role of technology shaping the events industry?

44:26 - Where can people find out more information about ROI?


Topics: Event Planning

Thomas Davey

Written by Thomas Davey

Copywriter and marketing specialist who enjoys showing the world what can be done with the power of events and some good technology.

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