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  • B2B matchmaking platform helps you reduce the workload

    Reduce the workload

    The system works for you. Set up the networking parameters, step back, and let the magic happen.

  • B2B matchmaking platform gives you control over the meetings

    Have 100% control over the meetings

    Forget about not knowing exactly what will happen during the networking event. Design and orchestrate the entire process.

  • B2B matchmaking platform allows you to generate business opportunities

    Generate business opportunities

    Enable your attendees to create their own meeting agenda. Let them decide and choose with whom they want to interact

  • B2B matchmaking platform allows you to become a powerful connector

    Become a powerful connector

    Provide high-quality experiences and valuable contacts to your attendees, and you'll become the best!


Our B2B matchmaking platform is friendly to its users, adapts to your needs and empowers your team.

B2B matchmaking platform helps you provide meaningful networking experiences

Provide meaningful networking experiences

B2B matchmaking platform helps you automate the planning process

Automate up to 80% of the planning process

B2B matchmaking platform gives you full control over the networking event

Have full control over the networking

Easy, fast, and stress-free

Our B2B Matchmaking platform allows you organize easily one to one meetings among your participants. Avoid stressful situations and set up your event’s networking dynamic with just a few clicks.

B2B matchmaking platform customize networking parameters

Set up the networking parameters

Build an engaging interaction framework for a seamless integration into your event design. Gain full control over your attendees’ experience.

B2B matchmaking platform allows you to engage your attendees before the event

Engage your attendees before the event

Encourage your attendees to connect with other participants by offering them a pre-event online interaction space.

B2B matchmaking platform allows you to create different networking profiles

Create different networking profiles

Segment your audience in groups and decide which profiles are compatible. Set up a series of rules to help your attendees build meaningful business relationships.

B2B matchmaking platform allows you to connect offer and demand

Connect offer with demand

Build a customizable business categories tree to easily match attendees according to their services and needs.

B2B matchmaking platform allows you constant contact with your attendees

Notify your attendees

The system will send your attendees meeting request alerts, automatically creating the networking schedule. Also, it will inform the participants about the latest event updates.

B2B matchmaking platform gives you stress-free work environment

Grow your events

Maintain a stress-free work environment, while planning networking dynamics or events for more than 1,000 attendees.

Read our partners stories to get a hint of what Eventtia is in real life.

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At Endeavor Colombia we are recognized by the high quality events we to to promote high impact entrepreneurship. One of our main difficulties was promoting our events and managing participants. Since we started using Eventtia's event management system it has transformed the way we work and has contributed to significant gains on time and budget. It allows us to create custom landing pages for all our activities in an easy, intuitive and fast way; as a result we can offer our users a innovative platform and a wonderful experience for event registration and attendance.

Juanita Ochoa
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We have used Eventtia's event planning software for the past year for all our events, which range from large corporate events to smaller private gatherings. The interface is very intuitive, user friendly and all our non-tech staff was immediately able to use the event management system, with very little training. In addition to that, the customer service is absolutely fantastic and very responsive. Overall, we believe Eventtia is the best product of its line available on the market.

French American Chamber of Commerce
Samuel Loy
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On a time of fast digital transformation, event management software is paramount. Early 2016 I discovered the innovative startup Eventtia, it allowed us to plan our events, all from one single place. The event management system is a turnkey solution that responds to our needs and makes us gain precious time. And such a great customer service is a great plus.

Bouchra Ouhami
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Paris Region Entreprises supports the development of businesses delivering the most economic, social and ecological added value for Paris Region. We organize around 70 events per year as workshops, information sessions, B2B meetings or TechMeetings between french or foreign major companies and SME’S or innovative startups. We use regularly Eventtia's event management system for organizing such events and we are very satisfied with this tool. The Eventtia event planning software provides permanent improvements that allow to organize work very professionally. We are also very satisfied with the quality of the customer service. We have already recommended this tool to our regional partners and continue to promote it.

Paris Region Enterprises
Anne-Sophie Robinot
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Uniandinos is the most important alumni association in Colombia and makes more than 50 events every month. Almost a year ago we found in Eventtia a high quality strategic partner to manage our events. After studying many event management system alternatives we chose Eventtia for the high value and support it bring to our organization objectives. We have a team of 15 people working daily in the event management platform with high satisfaction rates

Irma Rojas
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At Camacol Antioquia we organize dozens of events every year including a bi-annual trade show « Expo Camacol » that gathers overs 45000 visitors and 400 exhibitors. We fully rely on Eventtia's event management system to plan and execute all our events, it has completely changed the way we work and we have now over 30 people in our team working daily with the event planning software. We highly recommend it to anyone organizing business events.

Clara Ferrer

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  • B2B matchmaking platform easy to setup and use

    Easy to set up and use

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    High engagement from the beginning

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