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3 awesome tools to live stream your events

Victoria Rudi
June 29, 2016

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You want our event to have the greatest possible impact and you certainly wish it goes beyond the venue where it takes place. Luckily, today we can take our events to much larger audience by streaming it live and there are several ways do it.   Each tool brings you different benefits and following. We would like to focus on 3 new ways you’re going to adopt for sure!


Facebook Live

« Going live » on Facebook is an interesting way to share for brands because people communicate within their own community of friends and family. From this strategy, live attendees will care about the event because they know someone there and feel part of this moment. This new ability to both broadcast and watch live videos within events enables people to connect deeper with their closest network and the communities of people who share their interests. Then, you can manage several interactive features like live reactions, replay comments and live filters! You can feel in a real plenary session when people react in real time, ask their questions and comment the presentation of your speakers. You will be able to measure the audience for each moment of your event and analyze the return on experience. Facebook is a great place for marketing buzz, that’s why Facebook live will bring a lot of opportunities for your upcoming events.



Periscope is ideal for featuring the sights and sounds of a live event or interviews with speakers. As Facebook live, we also need a mobile device and a good wifi connection. Periscope helps people to discover the world through other people’s eyes and to stay close to events where they can not participate but would like to assist. Through this tool, live attendees can ask questions, communicate and participate to each debate of the event. If you start using Periscope at your event, you can get the early-adopter benefits of getting in when features are not too crowded. You will have the opportunity to create new content and customized the live stream with your brand’s key visuals.



More than 100 millions daily users! By using Snapchat, you already have a whole community ready to share your event. If you target young people, you will have better results with this app than other supports like TV, print or even the web. Welcome into the Millennials’ world with the app way of life! Snapchat is quite interesting for your live stream because it is maybe the only tool allowing you to communicate before, during and after the event in a very smart and interactive way. You won’t be the one creating the live strategy but you will have all your attendees doing it for you. With your story, you create multiples videos and images showing the progress of the event… logistics, decoration, tests, performers, arriving guests and many other topics. You can also use the “geo-fencing” feature allowing your on-site attendees to contribute to your story. Encourage them to be active and you will have a great buzz! We are always talking about “digitalization of your events” but now you strongly eventialize the digital!


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Important point : do not forget to check if you have the permission to live stream !!


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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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