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5 great things we’ve built for you in 2015

Victoria Rudi
February 2, 2016

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When we look back at these past 12 months, we’re overwhelmed by the progress we’ve achieved. And what matters most to us is the amazing feedback we’ve got from the event industry.

In 2015, our goal was to develop the key features to build a complete platform for event management. To do so, we’ve focused on working with some amazing “early adopter” event professionals in Europe, Latin America and the USA. With them, we’ve accomplished more than we had imagined.

We are very proud to have empowered events with:

+70.000 participants

+1200 stands

+5000 business meetings

+12000 mobile app downloads

All that, with a team of only 8 crazy and passionate young people.

So, here is a selection of our clients favorite new features added to Eventtia in 2015 :

  1. Event dashboard

Your key event metrics are always up-to-date and shared within your team. Instantly follow the attendees registration progress, as well as the exhibitors and the networking activity.

2. Registration and ticketing upgrades

Your registration forms are as easy to build and update as drag and drop.  You can now also use reduction coupons to boost your sales.  Finally we integrated with three payment gateways to give you wider choice to collect your funds. Our big favorite is Stripe.

3. Self check-in mobile app

A smart integration with a low cost thermal printer and a tablet makes an easy to install, ready to go self check-in point.  Your badges look so professional and your attendees check-in at ease.

4.  Event webpage editor

We are proud to have created the most advanced event website editor on the market. Without any computer coding skills, you can fully design the event website of your dreams, yourself, as easy as 1, 2, 3.

5. Eventtia Leads

Our brand new Lead Retrieval Mobile App has helped thousands of exhibitors achieve their business goals at fairs and trade shows.  

We are now off to another busy year full of great event management technology for you! Very soon, we’ll need you to test a brand new User Interface and to give us feedback about it. Stay tuned!

Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

Victoria Rudi
Senior Content Specialist
With a Master’s degree in Event Management and a keen follower of SaaS technologies, Victoria is an event content master, producing insightful and valuable for Eventtia’s blog and beyond

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