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Ace of M.I.C.E: Going Hybrid and Running an Impactful B2B Event

Elsa Joseph
June 30, 2022

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Let us give you a small context of what this event is about and who the organizers are. 

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) and Tourism industry professionals gathered for the 9th time at ACE of MICE Exhibition on 25-27 May 2022. The event was held at the Istanbul Congress Center. Focused on the Sustainable Future theme, the event aimed to increase the commercial volume of the industry while providing a unique MICE experience to the industry professionals. 

The Turizm Medya Grubu, the organizer, started its operations in 2007 to ensure the development and growth of the MICE industry. The company serves as the roof organization of the sector by ensuring the integration of the Turkish market with the world MICE industry. ACE of M.I.C.E. Exhibition by Turkish Airlines has been organized since 2014.

This event gathers thousands of tourism and event professionals from every part of Türkiye and enables them to showcase the latest industry trends and technological developments. This year, Turizm Medya Grubu worked with the content agency Infiniti Visual Fx Studio. 

It’s worth noting that, for the first time, the ACE of M.I.C.E went hybrid.

“We were very impressed with the centralized solution and global referrals.”

We quickly became partners with Turizm Medya Grubu and agreed on the use of the Eventtia event management platform for all their upcoming events in the next 5 years. 

Bringing the MICE and the Tourism industries together for a first hybrid event

Eventtia offered a full set of tools that enabled Turizm Medya Grubu to set up their first hybrid event. These are some of the features that made Ace of M.I.C.E by Turkish Airlines 2022 a great success:

  • Check-in app: Organizers were able to scan attendees QR codes at the entrance of the event to track attendance not only at the event but at every activity.
  • Virtual Stage: The virtual audience could attend every conference or activity that was streamed, interact with other attendees and make virtual appointments to discuss possible business partnerships. .
  • Mobile App: On-site attendees could access information modules such as speakers information, map of the venue, or were able to schedule 1-to-1 appointments and answer surveys.
  • Matchmaking tool 1:1: One of the key objectives of this great encounter was to enable meaningful connections between professionals of both industries. The Eventtia matchmaking tool facilitated the process.
  • Chat: Interaction is key for business events. Eventtia enabled attendees to create different chat channels, ensuring engagement and interaction. 
  • Survey: the organizers created surveys from the Eventtia platform to gather attendees’ feedback.
  • Sponsor-Exhibitor virtual stands: Besides having their own on-site stand, Sponsors and exhibitors were able to showcase their offer and connect with potential business partners through their virtual stands.
  • Eventtia Leads: Exhibitors were able to quickly capture attendees’ contact information by scanning their QR codes and vice versa. Here is how the gathered information looks like on the attendees’  profile. It is worth noting that people could add extra notes about the contact.
  • Reporting: The reporting and analytics features of Eventtia enabled the organizer to provide real-time insights of the event’s activities but also to download a full performance report after the event. 

Highlights of the events 

The Mobile App to schedule meetings

This essence of the ACE of M.I.C.E is to provide an auspicious place for hosted buyers and exhibitors to connect, get to know each other’s services and products and initiate a business collaboration. Having this in mind, it was crucial to provide an easy-to-use tool that would incentivize them to schedule meetings with their peers directly from their phone. The organizers communicated before and during the event about downloading and explained how to use it. The mobile app, 100% customized according to the image of the brand, was largely embraced by the majority of the attendees. We can measure its success by the number of scheduled meetings that were no less than 1,351. Attendees liked most the possibility of scheduling meetings, creating agendas, seeing the meeting location and evaluation forms at the end of each meeting.  

The Check-in App

Turizm Medya Grubu (TMG) mostly liked that Eventtia offered one solution covering all the planning details and elements.  our product as there was just one tool to resolve all their needs.  The event organizers also noted that our Eventtia Check-In App made the movement inside the venue hassle-free. The event organizers  scanned with their tablets the QR codes of the attendees giving them access to the event specific conference rooms. The Eventtia Check-in App was also used to manage the VIP area during the AMEzing party and its after party.

“We are very satisfied with our experience and the rebost technology. We can see how it will grow in the region.”

Volkan Ataman, President of Turizm Medya Grubu.


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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

Elsa Joseph
Head of Events
Passionate about events, Elsa has organized corporate events, brand activations, music festivals and then specialized in the organization of virtual and hybrid events to create unforgettable experiences accessible for all.

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