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How to Build Your Brand With Event Management

Victoria Rudi
July 27, 2017

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In this article, we will explore the most successful ways to build your brand with event management.

Live events are quickly becoming the strongest and most effective way to promote a brand and communicate with your target audience. However, this concept goes way beyond than putting up enormous banners and handing out branded pens and notebooks to all of your guests – although these are good tactics too!

To promote a client’s brand successfully, it is the event planner’s priority to use the clients branding in a successful manner, which leaves a lasting and strong impression on all of the attendees. The event organiser must develop a powerful strategic approach.

To effectively promote and build a positive brand impression through an event it is important that you gain your clients trust. It is crucial that the event planner understands the clients’ reasons to run an event and the ways they want to promote their brand.

It’s go time – you have chosen the date, selected the venue and it’s now full steam ahead.

Before speaking with the production company there is one crucial step to be made – getting to grips with the brand guidelines.

Get your brand guidelines in order



Most companies and businesses have their own brand guidelines so it is always important to be fully aware of what these guidelines are before you begin planning the event.

Start by compiling a set of ‘brand rules’ for yourself which you know you must comply too. Always bear in mind the finer details such as the companies colour palettes, pantones and fonts.  If you work in-house for a company and are using an Event Management Company to assist you with the planning of the event – it is really important that you share this information with them so they are able to abide by the ‘brand rules’ too.

Once you have done this, you should begin working on your copy for all of the branded marketing materials, which will be used on the lead up to your event and on the actual live event.

Drawing attention to your event



Now that you understand the ‘brand rules’ and have written and had signed off all of the copy for the marketing materials, it’s time to start really promoting and establishing your event and brand to the invitees. To do this you can begin by using social media to announce the event and begin the marketing process.

Make sure that the branding plays a big part in this and that it is the main feature/focal point. This should always be the first big push to begin drumming up interest for the event and get everyone talking and excited about it.

Get that branding out into the world. Push the imagery and the event to increase its public appeal.

Be different and be creative



Now it’s time to make the brand stand out! Depending on what sector and industry you are working with there are different ways one can approach this stage of the game but there are common techniques you can use in order to keep things fresh and unique.

Everyone loves a freebie, so in the run up to your event and during the live event, why not offer attendees brand gifts. Also, you can ask the event management company wear brand clothing on the day of the event.

If this isn’t going to be annual event, use this opportunity to be as creative and different as possible.  Make sure everything that you are outsourcing and bring into the event has a purpose and is ‘on brand’.

Use all production resources



At the live event itself, you will 100% need visual prompts to reinforce the brand identity. After all, it would be a great shame for all of your continued efforts in the pre-event marketing to go to waste. Use physical branded materials/items such as names badges, menus, table decorations, branded gobos, uplighters (these can be set to which ever colour is ‘on brand’), window vinyl’s and gift bags… you could even brand the soap in the venue toilets!

If you are using an event planner, trust their judgement. Their job is to come up with the creative and innovative ideas to promote and use your branding in an appropriate and effective way.  They will be well versed in events such as this and will always endeavour to exceed their client’s expectations.

If the purpose of the event is to highlight the company’s good work and achievements, why don’t you showcase that work through a specially edited and fully branded video to play to the guests? Having a live twitter wall displaying your branding and real-time tweets with your very own event hashtag is also a great way to get the branding out in to the world.

Brand banners can easily grab guest’s attention. This is also a great way to point attendees in the right direction of the event. The banners produced should be really interesting, eye catching and strategically installed inside and outside of the venue.

Avoid a branding overload



Whilst it is hugely important to successfully promote the brand during the planning process and at the event, it is imperative to avoid a branding overload. Obviously, you need to maximise the marketing efforts via social media, email and the event website, drum up anticipation and intrigue by using event teasers but you should always be wary not to go overboard.

Try to avoid spamming your guests. Keep your efforts fresh and on-brand rather than repeating the same core message and the same branded imagery over and over again.

With all the above in mind you are guaranteed to have guests breaking down the venue doors to attend your event.


Sarah Hill is a Content writer at Seven Events Ltd – a leading Event Management and Meeting Planner Company in London. The company has successfully managed in achieving its goals in creating events that exceed expectations and adding value to their client’s businesses. In her role, her best dive is corporate event ideas and event management tips.


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