The Complete Guide to Creating a Budget for an Event

Anyone with the experience of planning or hosting an event should understand how planning an event can be quite challenging but exciting at the same time.  Even planning a misleadingly simple event like a small meeting can be quite challenging with all the different, dynamic moving parts. Obviously planning a large event like a multi-day […]

Here’s How to Create the Perfect Event Proposal Template

An event proposal can have various different purposes: securing sponsorships, getting a client as an event planner, getting buy-ins from stakeholders and higher-ups, and so on.  So, creating a well-written, attractive, and effective event proposal is crucial in ensuring any event’s success by having all relevant parties on the same page.  For an event planner […]

How to Book an Event Venue in 15 Steps

For a physical, in-person event, the event’s venue is arguably the most important element that will determine the event’s success.  No matter how well you’ve planned and organized the event: securing the best sponsors, booking the biggest talents in the industry, and so on, it will likely be a failure if the venue is not […]

How to Get Sponsorship for Your Event

Sponsorships remain one of the best ways to fund an event, but let’s admit it, getting sponsorships for your event is often very challenging, especially if you don’t know where to look.  So, how do you find the right sponsors for your event? Instead of blindly targeting everyone and anyone who could be potential sponsors, […]

Live Shopping and the Holiday season: The perfect match

Since the dawn of time, shop owners have used holiday events to boost traffic into their stores and generate sales through live events. From Macy’s New York, Harrods London to Galeries Lafayette Paris, the Christmas window displays have always been a must have and a marker of the beginning of the holiday season. In this […]

How to Plan a Virtual Trade Show

Virtual trade shows are a fantastic forum to bring people together to discuss business, create new connections, and generate business. Even better, their main components – i.e. networking, exhibitor booths, product launches, and so on – work virtually.