Eventtia vs. Splash: What’s the difference?

With a magnitude of options to choose, it’s easy to get lost in all of the different event technology out there. You’ve got new products like HopIn, older products like Cvent and Bizzobo, event ticketing platforms like Eventbrite, and more marketing-oriented platforms like Splash.

Eventtia vs. Eventbrite: What’s the difference?

When it comes to ticketing for events, it’s fair to say that Eventbrite is the go-to platform. In fact, given its huge popularity there’s a high chance that you’ve either hosted or attended an event on Eventbrite.

Eventtia vs. Google Meet: What’s the difference?

The demand for virtual events and meetings has gone through the roof in the past few months. And while Zoom remains the most popular webinar and meeting solution, other companies have wanted in on the action.

Eventtia vs. Facebook Live: What’s the difference?

Considering that Facebook Live launched in 2016 it is staggering to think that 3.5 billion broadcasts have been amassed. Even more, mind-boggling though, is the fact that a quarter of the world’s population (2 billion people) have watched a Facebook Live Video.

Eventtia vs. VR Events: What’s the difference?

Virtual reality or VR is a buzzword that has been on the tips of our tongues for a long time now. Having gained prominence, most notably in gaming and entertainment, it’s starting to make some big moves in the events industry.

Eventtia vs. Zoom: What’s the difference?

The popularity of virtual events and meetings is skyrocketing and this trend is only set to continue. But of course, none of this would be possible without the technology that makes connecting people online possible.