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How to Choose the Best B2B Matchmaking Tool

Victoria Rudi
April 25, 2017

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It really doesn’t matter how many actionable tips you know about planning and running powerful one-on-one meetings between your attendees: without a good B2B matchmaking tool, these tips have (almost) no value.

“Why?” you may be asking. The answer is simple: you can’t set up high-quality one-on-one networking sessions using Excel spreadsheets or manually scheduling meetings between your guests. It takes too much time, you run the risk of making multiple mistakes, and it looks unprofessional.

If your intention is to plan one-on-one meetings between 10 (or less) attendees, go ahead. You don’t need a special platform for that. But if your goal is to run a networking event for a big group of assistants, do yourself a favor and search for a powerful B2B matchmaking tool. 

When it comes to complex events and logistics, adopting efficient technology solutions is mandatory. By using the right B2B matchmaking tool, you’ll gain time, money, and control over the planning process. However, before deciding which B2B matchmaking tool suits you best, here are some features to take into account when choosing the platform:

Tip #1. Easy list segmentation and management

A good B2B matchmaking tool allows you to create different attendee profiles and segment your audience in groups. This way, you’ll decide which group profiles are most compatible, enabling people from one group to request meetings with people from other groups.

Tip #2. Customizable networking parameters

Using a powerful B2B matchmaking tool means having full control over the interaction between your guests. An efficient B2B matchmaking platform lets you create the perfect networking experience for your attendees from scratch. First of all, you’ll have the appropriate context to evaluate your guests’ profiles to make sure they each have something to offer or can add value to the other attendees. Secondly, you’ll be able to decide how and when people can meet each other. And thirdly, you’ll determine the topics of these meetings by encouraging your audience to complete a networking form before the event.

Tip #3. Control over the networking time blocks and meetings duration

The right B2B matchmaking tool allows you to determine the specific timeframes when guests can book the meetings. You can also set up the duration of the one-on-one meetings by establishing the amount of time you consider necessary for the guests to interact with each other.

Tip #4. Empowering interaction rules

Forget about the times when the attendees would “follow orders” and be just simple observers at your event. Your guests want to co-create their own networking experience, and only a good B2B matchmaking tool can help them do that. By using the right platform, you’ll empower your guests to check the list and availability of the attendees or companies they would like to interact with. Subsequently, the participants will be able to request to schedule meetings with those guests that present specific interest for them.

Tip #5. User-friendliness and flexibility

An efficient B2B matchmaking tool should be simple, easy to use, and user-friendly. It should also support planners when it comes to attendee registration, communication, scheduling meetings, and other processes. A B2B matchmaking platform worth purchasing should allow both the organizers and attendees to be autonomous and have no doubts or questions when using it.

Wrap up

By using the right B2B matchmaking tool, planning your networking events or sessions becomes simple, neat, and accurate. Not only can you decide and organize every single aspect of your attendees’ interactions, you also won’t waste time or effort setting up the system.

So when deciding which B2B matchmaking tool to purchase, don’t rush—take your time and carefully analyze all the features. Be sure you have absolute autonomy and flexibility when using the tool. Also, focus on its simplicity and user-friendliness. Be a smart event planner and choose the best B2B matchmaking platform that will help you plan meaningful networking events.


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