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How to Choose Event Management Software (It’s Not What You Think)

Victoria Rudi
April 6, 2017

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There’s no shortage of online advice on how to search for and choose the best event management software. From the optimal plan prices to the number of automatized logistic tasks, dozens of articles inform you about different criteria that define the best event planning software or app.

But having to choose from so many options can be stressful, especially if you are already in the middle of planning your next event. The last thing you want is to waste time you don’t have deciding what event management software suits you best.

To help you with this, we’ll put aside the technical features event management software must have (these go without saying) and talk about the most important thing to know when finding the right software for you.

But first, try to answer the following question:

How many times have you had a flight delayed or canceled and you had a rude or unhelpful response from an airport representative?

Wasn’t this situation nerve-wracking?

Maybe you were about to miss an important meeting, a connection flight to the other part of the globe, or the chance of seeing your parents at Christmastime.

You probably felt desperate, yet hopeful that you’d find a solution with the help of a customer service representative … until you end up with a rude answer (or no answer at all) from the commercial airline, and you realized that your only options were to buy another ticket or cancel your trip.

The same thing is true when using event management software. You may face multiple problems that will put your entire event at risk, and only good customer service can save you from it.

There are two types of event management software companies: The ones that leave their clients hanging in the air without providing any concrete solutions or ad hoc problem-solving, and the ones that will stay with the event professionals during the planning phases, reacting quickly and solving any problems that may occur.

Thus before purchasing event management software, learn how to distinguish certain features that only the best customer support service departments have in common. Here are some of them:

Feature #1. Easy to reach

Whenever you have a problem with your event management software, you know exactly how to reach customer service. As a client, you have access to a “direct line” (via phone, email, or chat) where you can talk to the person responsible if something unpredictable happens.

Feature #2. Responsiveness and guidance

In the case of great event management software, the time gap between submitting the problem and the response from customer support should be less than 24 hours. Also, apart from solving the planning issues, pay attention to their willingness to provide you ad hoc assistance during your event.

Feature #3. Good understanding of the issues

There are two types of customer service. The first one has no clue about what you are going through when planning an event and the second one will do everything possible to grasp the nature of your problems. With whom would you like to work? The answer is obvious.

Feature #4. Flexible solutions

Valuable event management software will provide you with personalized customer service. Thus, your nonstandard problems will receive a prompt solution, not a response copied and pasted from the FAQ page.

Feature #5. Professional and friendly attitude

The way customer support treats you as an event professional says a lot about the quality of their product. Nobody wants to deal with incompetent or rude service. Superior customer support means positive communication.


When facing the decision of what event management software to purchase, forget about logos, brands, or cool ads. The only thing you should be interested in (apart from excellent technical features, which are a MUST) is the quality of the customer service.

Think about it as if gaining access to an entire team of professionals whose purpose is to help you plan and run events. The success of your conferences, meetings, exhibitions, etc. depends on them. So when selecting a team to work with, choose wisely.


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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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