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Eventtia Ekō Podcast #1: Meeting Design with Bo Krüger

Victoria Rudi
March 31, 2020


Hosts: Mauricio Palacio, Victoria Rudi

Guest: Bo Krüger

Welcome to the Eventtia Ekō podcast. In our first episode, Mauricio and Victoria chat with writer, speaker, and meeting designer Bo Krüger. The co-creator of the Danish meeting design concept: Meetovation, Bo has written several books on facilitation, creativity, and gamification. His passion is to create outstanding meetings that engage and add value to the participants.

We start the podcast off by discussing meeting design, how it can improve the quality of events, and how you can apply it to your own events. Bo explains to us that the concept is about combining ‘hardware’ (venue, logistics, AV, etc.) with ‘software’ such as the narrative, content, and learning experiences. And that the best way to create engaging events is to focus on the objective of the event – i.e. the impact we want to create before and after the event for participants – and how this can be achieved with the different types of hardware.

Bo walks us through two psychological theories (Self-Determination and Flow Theory), explaining to us how these concepts apply to events and how it helps us to better understand what motivates and engages participants. After this, we looked at Bo’s Danish influences and the impact this has had on the meetings that he’s facilitated and designed. He talks to us about the Danish word Hygge (translated as comfortable and cozy conviviality) and how this creates an intimate environment that builds trust and encourages collaboration among participants.

Next, we discuss the role of gamification in events, whether it is still relevant, and how business can use it to make their events more engaging. We look at how competition and reward in gamification at events kill motivation and some of the alternatives that you can use instead. And finally, Bo provides us with some guidelines to follow if you want to start designing your own games at events.

To finish off, Bo shares with us a fantastic quote that you can apply to your next event:

“Short beats long, talking beats listening, standing beats sitting, together beats alone.”

Running time: 43:57

If you’d like to contact Bo, you can reach him on LinkedIn or via his consultancy brand, Moving Minds.

Podcast timeline

03:00 – Defining meeting design

06:20 – How can companies adopt and apply meeting design concepts to their own events?

08:25 – Can you explain the Meetovation concept?

11:09 – What’s your advice for event organizers on how to motivate attendees during events?

15:52 – What’s your take on gamification: Is it dead or has it transformed?

23:15 – How can companies use gamification to make their events more engaging?

29:57 – Can we apply the concept of Hygge to events? And if yes, how so?

33:47 – Can you explain what the Flow State concept is and how this can be facilitated among our attendees?

40:00 What’s the role of event technology around all of the different concepts we discussed? Meetivation, meeting design etc.

42:50 – Can you tell us a bit about your company? How can our listeners find you?

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Victoria Rudi
Marketing director
With a Master’s degree in Event Management and a keen follower of SaaS technologies, Victoria is an event content master, producing insightful and valuable for Eventtia’s blog and beyond

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