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Eventtia Ekō Podcast #2: Virtual Attendee Engagement with Juraj Holub

Victoria Rudi
May 11, 2020


Hosts: Mauricio Palacio, Victoria Rudi

Guest: Juraj Holub

Welcome back to the Eventtia Ekō podcast. For our second episode, we were delighted to be joined by Juraj Holub from Q&A and polling platform, Slido. As the Head of Communications and Meeting Design, Juraj helps people get the most out of their meetings and events by bridging the gap between speakers and audiences.

To get things going, we discuss the impact that the pandemic is having on the events industry and how we’re seeing big events such as SXSW and Burning Man make the move to virtual. Juraj explains to us across the industry we’re seeing huge progress being made, speakers are adapting their presentations and moderators are getting up to scratch with the platforms.

When it comes to virtual events, the biggest challenge that we face is how to keep an audience engaged. For Juraj, the solution to this is made up of three parts: break the event into bitesize pieces, keep it simple, and make it interactive for everyone. We then go on to talk about how what event organizers can do to attract high-profile speakers and how to ensure that speakers deliver outstanding presentations

After that, Juraj explains to us the difference between a webinar and a virtual event, using the analogy of a televised football match, to show how we should be replicating exciting and engagement. Finally, we discuss how hybrid events are likely to be the future of the industry.

Running time: 36:53

If you’d like to reach out to Juraj, then you can contact him here.

Podcast Timeline

04:25 – What’s your take on the global pandemic and the future of the events industry?
05:45 – How are event organizers adapting to go virtual?
07:20 – What are the biggest challenges with engaging virtual attendees?
09:40 – Can you tell us about conversational presentations and what it means today?
11:52 – How do we keep virtual attendees engaged and away from distractions?
14:22 – Why is it so challenging to keep attendees engaged in a virtual environment?
15:55 – What are your recommendations for someone who is moderating an event for the first time?
18:08 – How can get high profile speakers to our virtual events?
20:56 – How can we ensure that speakers will deliver great presentations without impeding on them?
22:35 – What do you think we can do to boost the virtual experience of attendees?
22:34 – What is the difference between a virtual event and a webinar?
29:43 – What’s the impact of the move over to virtual and the temporality of events?
33:00 – What’s going to be the long term impact of the pandemic on the events industry?

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Victoria Rudi
Marketing director
With a Master’s degree in Event Management and a keen follower of SaaS technologies, Victoria is an event content master, producing insightful and valuable for Eventtia’s blog and beyond

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