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Eventtia goes to Collision, Las Vegas

Esteban Ochoa
May 12, 2015

This May,  Eventtia took part of Collision one of the most exciting tech conferences in the United States.  It is the first time we exhibit our platform at an American event.  It was the opportunity for us to meet innovative startups from all around, investors and media.  Held in Las Vegas, this conference is Dublin’s Web Summit sister event.

But most specially we met local event professionals from whom we received excellent feedback.  They were surprised by all the things that can be done with Eventtia and said that they fully understand the problem that we are solving.  They had not found yet an all-included platform for their events.  They want to try out Eventtia and start moving their events in to our platform.  We’ll be having soon our first events in North America.
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Esteban Ochoa
CTO – Chief technology officer of Eventtia

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