Eventtia got a serious makeover!

Eventtia got a serious makeover!

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April 5, 2016

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Thomas Davey

Ok you will say Eventtia is still young! Indeed, we started our adventure one year ago and our previous designs were good. But we strongly want to keep innovation at the heart of our development. Thanks to a dynamic team of engineers, designers and marketers, we are proud to show you the new platform that will make your events succeed.

The client experience is our leitmotiv! We use Event Technology to manage events better. This job is a complex one and event managers work a lot on administrative tasks. Eventtia has been created to help them gain time and focus on missions more creative and strategic than logistics for example. That’s why everything has to be very intuitive.

As you can see on the new interfaces, we have kept our dashboard that is now at the right in order to facilitate the navigation. Space is better filled, statistics are more relevant and the platform is full responsive giving all attendees an improved user experience. There is only one thing we did not change! Guess what? We keep the same approach and support to all our clients. Because we really want to work with you as partners in order to be part of your event success. We love our job, we thank you for your trust.

It’s time to Eventtialize your events!

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Eventtia Team

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Thomas Davey
Content and Marketing Specialist
Copywriter and marketing specialist who enjoys showing the world what can be done with the power of events and some good technology.

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