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Eventtia Success Story: Pernod Ricard

April 17, 2024

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Helping Pernod Ricard move away from manually managing events, Eventtia’s suite of event management tools, has given its 92 affiliates a real personalisation of their brands

155 events

28141 registered attendees 

Saving €200,000

“Strong brands that need to have their real-world, Eventtia gives our brands a real personalization of our brands to our virtual events.”

Melanie Schmidt, IT Manager, Digital Marketing & Consumer Insights

Pernod Ricard runs hundreds of events per year across the world for its 92 companies in 160+ markets; covering everything from mixology cocktail classes to live converts, dinners, award ceremonies and training sessions.

Home to brands including Absolut Vodka, Chivas Regal, Jameson Irish whiskey and Havana Club rum, all of their events share one common objective: To bring people together to bond over an experience around one of their brands, whether that’s for consumers, customers, shareholders or employees. 

The organisation came to Eventtia looking for an events platform that would allow them to digitalise their events and integrate all of their subsidiaries into a single platform. 

Both internally, for its employees, by having an integrated and common tool to help teams better plan, execute, report and analyse events. And externally, for its attendees, by creating a personalised attendee experience that was synchronised with the rest of Pernod Ricard’s marketing initiatives. 

Streamlining registration & check-in boosts marketing initiatives

Instead of having each subsidiary use its own registration and check-in tools, Pernod Ricard is saving valuable time and money by managing the registration and check-in processes with one platform.  

Registration forms can be created and adapted to cater for the different brands, languages, and countries of its subsidiaries. While custom data fields can be added to the forms so that specific information can be found out about their audiences. 

An example of this was at the product launch of Havana Club where organisers created different registration forms for bar owners, companies and journalists. By doing so, they could customise the form to ask each profile different questions and segment these profiles to send them personalised emails. 

Now, across the whole organisation, attendee information can be easily collected, tracked and integrated with Pernod Ricard’s global consumer database, all while saving valuable time. 

Integrating 92 affiliates into one platform 

Given the importance of events to Pernod Ricard, it was imperative that from the off, each subsidiary would be able to get up to speed with the platform. Considering that each affiliate had been using their own bespoke solutions to manage their events, onboarding was expected to be a major challenge for Pernod Ricard. 

However, with the help of Eventtia’s Custom Success team, the transition was smooth and fast. In addition to Eventtia’s knowledge base, specific content, in the form of checklists, PDFs, presentations and training sessions, was created for the onboarding process. Plus, round the clock support was provided to affiliates to answer any event-related questions when needed. 

Thanks to Eventtia, Pernod Ricard has successfully moved all of its affiliates to one platform while still providing them with the freedom and flexibility to create events their way.  Everything from websites, emails and images can be stored, shared and accessed from one place. While key reports and metrics can be drawn up in a few clicks through Eventtia’s dashboards. 

For the head office in Paris, this has made it much easier to manage their affiliates. Events can be filtered and segmented per country, brand, or language. This has allowed for more control and visibility into Pernod Ricard’s events. 

Back-office and data reporting helps run impactful events

With Eventtia, Pernod Ricard now has the tools in place to track all of its events data and send this into its wider marketing tech stack and global consumer database. Having access to all of this information is allowing the organisation to run more impactful events. 

This has always been an important aspect for Pernod Ricard who wanted to adopt a tool that could track and utilise all of its events data to create better events for attendees. 

From a top-down view, the head office has an overview of all the events, their location, the number of attendees and the total ticket sales, giving the organisation much greater insight into how affiliates are running their events and the results they’re achieving. 

While affiliates can access key metrics across the event lifecycle, covering everything from website and emailing metrics through to session attendance and the number of scheduled meetings. 

Having all of this valuable information in one place has allowed Pernod Ricard’s brand and market companies instant diagnostics into their events. And with this extra layer of visibility, affiliates can work in unison which is helping Pernod Ricard enhance the attendee experience. 

Eventtia’s event marketing tools gives brands personalisation

Each event marketing component, from creating websites to email campaigns and branded virtual stages can now be done in-house. This means that affiliates no longer have to use multiple solutions to run their events, nor do they need to pay extra for them. 

With the help of templates, affiliates can adhere to the high standards of the organisation. And importantly, they no longer have to create events from scratch. Websites, emails, attendee types and virtual stages can all be duplicated which means that the correct branding guidelines are followed. 

This has led to higher productivity and more impactful events for Pernod Ricard. Having all the tools to manage events from one place means they can save money and avoid the complications of having to juggle multiple tools. 

Giving brands a voice and personalising the attendee experience

Now with Eventtia, each brand has the utensils to create long-lasting impressions and personalise the attendee experience. The first step of the attendee journey starts off with landing pages. Through different building blocks and modules, websites can be quickly assembled with the ability to be customised to the needs of each brand.

On top of this, emails can then be sent out to different attendee profiles, meaning that Pernod Ricard can have closer communication with the different entities it works with. These emails can be fully personalised to each attendee type, providing a more in-depth touch when it comes to attendee communication.  

Finally, when it comes to the day of the event itself, Pernod Ricard can create virtual stages for all of its online events, something that has gone a long way in providing its attendees with a real experience of the brand. 

Creating a physical touch for online events with Eventtia’s virtual stage

The role of the virtual stage, which replaces the place of the event such as the congress centre, the conference room, or the bar. Has provided a place for attendees to come together online, helping Pernod Ricard to articulate its communities, content, and branding. 

Across each of its affiliates, the organisation has been able to showcase a consistent, fully-branded arena for these experiences, which has helped to maintain its profile and stay fresh in the minds of attendees. Especially at a time when doing this in-person was off-limits. 

Pivoting to virtual events during the pandemic has helped Pernod Ricard’s continue to keep its vision of “Convivialité” alive and thriving, at a time where they would have done fewer virtual events without Eventtia. In the past year, 150 events have been digitised with many of them set to remain in a virtual format. 

About Pernod Ricard

As the world’s second-largest spirits and wine seller, Pernod Ricard is home to some of the most prestigious brands in its sector, including, but not exclusive to, Absolut Vodka, Chivas Regal, Jameson Irish whiskey, Havana Club rum, Beefeater gin, as well as Jacob’s Creek, Campo Viejo, and Kenwood wines. 

Pernod Ricard employs a workforce of approximately 19,000 people and operates through a decentralised organisation, with 6 “Brand Companies” and 86 “Market Companies” established across 160+ markets and by its own salesforce in 73 markets. 

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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