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Eventtia Tips. Upgrade the User Experience of Your Attendees

Victoria Rudi
May 16, 2019

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Although essential for their overall satisfaction, the user experience of your attendees doesn’t depend completely on you. However, you can influence it by taking certain actions. Find out more by reading this article.


Everyone talks about the attendee experience and how important it is to design an event that will transform people.

Yet, very few discuss the importance of the user experience of your guests.

“What’s that?” I hear you saying.

Every single time your attendees access your event website, they take the role of a user.

Each time your guests fill out the registration form or pay the attendance fee, they engage with your event from a user perspective.

Finally, whenever they’re logged in to see their event or networking agenda or use your event mobile app, they’re having a user experience.

The user experience of your attendees defines the interaction they have with the event logistics, meaning the event management software you’re using to plan and manage the conference or the seminar.

The only way you can control and improve this user experience is by choosing the right event management platform that takes care of your guests and offers them stress-free and effortless interactions.

How can you improve the user experience of your attendees by choosing the right event management software?

Here’s a list of criteria you should consider:

Find an easy-to-use platform


So let’s say you found a few event tech brands you’re interested in, and you scheduled calls with different sales representatives for demos. Apart from begin shown how the management software works, ask for a forefront overview.

In other words, ask the sales representative to walk you thought the platform as if you’re an attendee and not an event organizer.

Tell him or her to go to an already existing event website and start the demonstration with the registration and payment procedures. Then, ask them to log in and show you exactly what the registered attendees will see if they use the software.

You can also ask the sales representatives to create quick demonstrations of the event agenda, networking chat, and event mobile app if necessary.

What you’ll want to get from the demo is to understand how easy and comprehensive the platform will be for your guests.

Evaluate the platform’s architecture


Try the free demo of the software (if available) and analyze the architecture of the platform.

  • Can you use it without experiencing any weird system glitches or bugs?
  • Are the instructions easy to understand?
  • Are you able to set up the event without too many challenges?
  • Is the software architecture simple and decluttered?

The answers to these questions will give you important insights about the care the event tech company takes in providing a flawless and pleasant user experience for their clients (aka the event professionals).

If they do take pride in providing user-friendly software to their main audience, chances are your attendees will also enjoy their experience.

Analyze the options and solutions you get


Avoid friendly, yet incomplete user experiences. You’ll want to provide your attendees with the same platform for all of their actions.

That’s why you’ll want to focus on finding all-in-one event management software that can provide you with all the tools you need to set up an event and provide a holistic and exhaustive logistic system to your attendees.

Test the platform with different users


Even if the event management platformwas positive, you can’t rely on your expertise only. Before purchasing the tool, you’ll want to test it on different people (your team members, for example).

Run the free trial, set up an event, and then ask your colleagues to register for the event, access the agenda, preview the venue floors, etc.

The thing you’ll be looking for is feedback from your team members on whether the platform is intuitive, easy to navigate, etc. Once you get their positive reactions, you can move forward and purchase the tool.

Gather your attendees’ feedback


Testing the platform doesn’t end with purchasing it. Your guests will be the ultimate judges of the event management software and event mobile app. So make sure to include tech-related questions in your post-event survey.

Focus on getting the attendees’ feedback about whether the platform was easy to use and user-friendly.

Also, ask them to highlight the issues they had by, for example, filling out the registration form, paying the attendance fee, checking in, accessing the event agenda, or communicating with other attendees via chat.


The user experience of your attendees is as important as their in-situ experience. If they can’t efficiently navigate the environment or carry out different logistic tasks that will ensure their attendance, they won’t have a pleasant interaction with the event.

Obviously, you don’t want this to happen, so dedicate as much time as you need to finding the right event management softwarethat will take great care of your guests

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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