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ExpoInmobiliaria by Camacol Fairs

Victoria Rudi
March 29, 2016

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So this month we want to put the spotlight on ExpoInmobiliaria by CAMACOL Fairs.

Just in case you haven’t heard about them, CAMACOL or the Colombian Construction Chamber, is an association that gathers more than 345 companies within the construction industry. Part of their role in Colombia is to dynamise the industry through different events like national and international exhibitions, workshops and seminars among others.

 Every year they organize big trade shows like ExpoCamacol and ExpoInmobiliaria where Eventtia has become a great ally to simplify and centralize the processes running backstage. This year’s ExpoInmobiliaria was no exception, 100 Exhibitors and 22,623 Attendees gathered at Plaza Mayor Convention Center, and of course we were there playing our part on the event management side.

 Features like Stands Management, Eventtia Leads, Attendees’ Registration, Badge Printing, Exhibitors Catalog and Mass Mailing were on top of the game to make this show an awesome experience to everyone involved.

 Next stop for them will be ExpoCamacol and we are sure it will be another hit!

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