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How to Create a Memorable VIP Event Experience

Victoria Rudi
January 5, 2024

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Great event experiences start long before the conference or trade show begins. It starts the moment tickets go on sale. The most critical moment is the first interaction attendees have with your brand. Offering special VIP ticket prices entices attendees to opt into a unique form of treatment. You’ll be surprised to find out that people will pay an upcharge on ticket prices for an exclusive experience.

If you are planning a large conference or trade show, you definitely need to offer an exclusive experience to attendees. In today’s world of events, the VIP experience is no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity. Research shows that attendees are looking for unique experiences when attending trade shows and conferences.

So how can you create a buzz-worthy experience that attendees will talk about for years to come? Here are a few ways to create a memorable VIP experience for attendees.

Get to know your audience first

Before you start building your marketing strategy, you must get to know your audience first. Identify their wants and needs to have a deeper understanding of what type of event experience attendees desire. The more intel you have on each attendee that purchased a ticket to your event, the more you’re guaranteed to provide them with an experience they won’t forget. A VIP event experience is an opportunity to make attendees feel special, but it’s also a chance to build long-lasting business relationships. So, roll out the red carpet. Invite attends to an invite-only networking event or give them access to exclusive perks.

Upgrade the basics

Perks like reserved front row seating and express check-ins are easy ways to accommodate VIP attendees needs. It’s easy to focus on the glitzy components of the event experience, but sometimes it only takes an upgrade to the little accommodations to make people feel special.

Offer early access to VIP ticket holders

Planning a multi-day event? The night before the conference kicks off treat VIP ticket holders to a private reception with an open bar, live music, and a chef catered meal. Attendees whose sole purpose is to network and build relationships will invest in connecting with a loyal audience at a higher price point.

Host a private meet and greet with the keynote speakers

Keynote speakers and business leaders are your conference’s hottest commodity. In addition to learning new information, attendees register to hear insights from your star-studded lineup. Invite VIP ticket holders to a private Q&A session with the keynote speakers so they can network with the speakers and get answers to questions they may have.

Give VIP ticket holders a chance to experience the local culture

If attendees are traveling from a distance to your conference host city for the first time, they’ll want to experience what the local culture has to offer. Partner with your venue or the local convention and visitor’s bureau to provide an all-inclusive add on package that includes a private bus tour of the local city. Attendees will pay an upcharge for an experiential experience that gets them outside of the conference arena.

Give them access to a VIP only lounge area

If you want to attract a certain caliber of executives to your event, offer a private VIP lounge where attendees can recharge their cell phones, get work done, conduct conference calls, and grab a bite to eat. This lounge space should give VIP ticket holders the chance to break away from the hustle and bustle of the conference to relax and unwind for a few minutes. Stock the space with food and beverages to keep any munchies at bay. Also, decorate the lounge with comfy couches and privacy pods so your guests can truly get work done.

Throw in a VIP few surprises

Due to the exclusivity of VIP experiences, there is an opportunity to surprise and delight attendees with a unique experience. A VIP experience wouldn’t be special without a few elements of surprise. Everyone likes getting unexpected gifts. It’s those little surprises like in-room gifts and personalized experiences that sets your event apart from the competition. Those surprises are a great way to show your appreciation but also allows you to form a deeper relationship with each attendee.

The events industry is becoming more competitive by the day, so it is essential that you find a way to level up your VIP experiences and really make your show stand out among the competition. One of the easiest ways to make the attendee experience feel unique is to offer a VIP ticket with perks that they can’t resist.

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