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How to Create Impactful Exhibitions Using Event Technology

Victoria Rudi
July 19, 2019

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Event technology is evolving faster than ever. In the past decade, the events industry has experienced a complete digital transformation. Nowadays, you can’t walk onto a showroom floor without experiencing some of the latest trends in event technology. In this article, we will discuss the important role that event technology plays in organizing successful events.

Technology is now a key player in organizing a successful trade show and exhibition. Old strategies are quickly becoming outdated. Organizers are starting to feel the pressure to incorporate new forms of technology into their events strategy.

Planning events is a stressful and demanding job. Event organizers are tasked with making sure every show is successful from start to finish. With new developments in Event management software event planners are now able to plan great conferences and events with ease.

Today, event tech is shaping how organizers think about the user experience. Technology now allows you to start from a blank canvas and paint your ideal user experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways technology is changing the way we plan trade shows and exhibitions.

Event management software can streamline outdated processes

Today, event planners can control the chaos that comes along with the job by adopting new technology. Before the recent advancements in event technology, planning was a very long and manual process.

Technology has become a lifesaver for event planners who need help in eliminating outdated and inefficient processes.

A research study conducted by Enterprise Event Marketing revealed that event technology can help increase event attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and decrease costs by 20–30%.

Thanks to this technology, event marketers can manage ticket sales, interact with attendees, capture leads, analyze event data, and survey attendees all within the interface of an event management software platform.

Technology is forcing attendee interaction

Thanks to smartphones and mobile apps, event technology is transforming the user experience. Event organizers are now able to deliver an enhanced and engaging user experience directly to the hands of each attendee.

Through an app or software platform, organizers can offer live updates, drive engagement, interact with staff, sponsors, vendors, and attendees. This technology can also create a sense of community when allowing users to create profiles and connect with other attendees.

Reduces unnecessary expenses and eliminates the carbon footprint

Many companies are adapting to the sustainability lifestyle and eliminating all use of paper. Going paperless will minimize your carbon footprint and encourage attendees to stay digitally connected.

Ticketing, check-in needs, and event support can all be handled within the interface of an app, therefore allowing the company to reduce the number of onsite event staff.

The use of Pop-up banners is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Another great way to reduce the need for paper is incorporating digital signage throughout the showroom floor.

Gives you access to attendee data like never before

Collecting data will help you get to know your attendees better and refine your strategy and objectives. With an event management software program, organizers can interact with consumers at multiple touchpoints throughout the event planning process.

Interaction with the prospective attendee starts before they reach the registration check-out page on your website.

A good analytics platform will give insight into an attendee’s location and how they’ve interacted with your brand thus far. Once the prospective attendee has reached the registration point, you’ll be able to gather meaningful information like their name, address, job title, company, and interests from the registration form.

Using the automation tools in the event management software platform companies can classify registrants by their interests.

This will help when trying to plan a more intimate trade show experience. This kind of data gives you valuable insights that will transform the way you think about your return on investment and strategic goals.

Event apps are also great for receiving real-time feedback from attendees. You no longer have to wait until the tradeshow is over to find out how attendees feel about the experience you’ve provided.

The real-time response rate is invaluable and offers valuable insight that will enable you to organize more successful trade shows and conferences.

In conclusion

For planners, the digitalization of the events industry has brought so many positive changes to the events business. By integrating technology into the day to day operations of event management, organizers are now more productive and engaged in the planning process.

Event planners are now starting to experience less stress and communicate more effectively with the end consumer thanks to the advancements in event technology

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