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How to Get the Branding Right at Your Virtual Event

Victoria Rudi
June 25, 2020

The intimacy of a virtual event creates the perfect environment for attendees to discover your brand, identify what makes it unique, and demonstrate how you can add value. This is the very reason why virtual events stand out as one of the best ways for connecting audiences with brands.

Because when you do all of the above, you’re able to gain trust, build loyalty, and ultimately reach those marketing objectives that you’ve been wanting to hit. So, that’s the why part covered, now it’s time to get into the how part.

The answer to this lies in the characteristics of your brand and then thinking about how the uniqueness of this can be transformed into an exciting and engaging online experience. Let’s take a look at how you can do this in some more detail…

Start by researching

To get the branding right at your virtual event, the first thing you should do is research. Take a look at what’s already out there. What are your competitors doing? How are they using virtual events to get their message across?  What are they doing well?  What aren’t they doing so well?

By getting the answers to these questions you’ll quickly identify how you can get your brand to stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s important that before you even contemplate planning your event, you first have a clear message and vision of how you’re going to communicate this. By doing so, you’ll understand what you want to achieve and what’s required to get you there.

Come up with a name & format for your event

After you’ve got an idea of your identity, you can then start thinking about the name and format of your event. Your name should be closely aligned with your vision. Not only should it be meaningful and represent everything that your brand is about, but it should also be easy for your attendees to understand.

In regards to the format, there are plenty of options to choose from, the important part is that you choose the right one. A general rule of thumb to follow here is that you want the structure and format to be fully aligned with why you’re having the event. This should coincide strongly with the narrative that you want your events to deliver.

Moreover, it needs to capture the essence of your event and it needs to be reflected in every single branding element, from how you communicate with your attendees through to the colours that you’ll be using.

Design visual elements

While, you’ll need to consider every component such as branded content, landing pages, and invitations that come with every event. It’s important to think about visual elements that apply specifically to the context of virtual.

This means shifting your attention to video content, virtual stages, and engagement tools. These are the components of the event that attendees engage with and that’s why it’s vital to create them with visual elements in mind.

First, think about the basics such as how you’re going to integrate your logo and brand colours into each of these components. Then take it up a notch by adding animations and powerful overlays to your videos that will encapsulate your brand and reinforce your message.

Create a landing page & powerful copy

Starting with the landing page, this is going to be the first taste that attendees have of your brand. A well-designed page can leave visitors with a positive impression of your brand. While a cluttered landing page with an outdated design will likely affect your signup rates. To portray your brand and communicate your message think about the design and make sure it reflects your identity. If you don’t do this then attendees are going to end up very confused at the event.

Leading on from this, your copy also will be the voice of your brand. This is what you’ll be using across social media, blogs, and email campaigns. Give yourself a clear voice that provides value and insight. A good starting point of this is to create voice and tone guidelines that will literally set the tone your virtual event’s copy

Work with online event platforms that offer you the possibility to brand your event

Consistency is at the root of powerful branding, and projecting a persistent message is an essential element of any successful event. To help with this, you need to ensure that you have the right technology in place.

At the forefront of this, will be the online event platform that you use to manage all of your events. This has a big impact on branding because it provides uniformity. Factors such as having standardized websites, automated email campaigns, and a strong presence on social media go a long way in communicating your brand to attendees.

When the whole event lifecycle is harmonized from A to Z your message becomes much more fluid, avoiding any discrepancies which are more than likely to be noticed by attendees.

Final Thoughts

Strong branding is the key ingredient to any successful marketing campaign with there being no exception when it comes to virtual events. Putting the time and effort into this is only going to make your event more successful and with this, you’re marketing objectives will become achievable.

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Victoria Rudi
Marketing director
With a Master’s degree in Event Management and a keen follower of SaaS technologies, Victoria is an event content master, producing insightful and valuable for Eventtia’s blog and beyond

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