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Increase the Quality of B2B Matchmaking Events for Entrepreneurs

Victoria Rudi
May 23, 2017

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Planning and running B2B matchmaking events for entrepreneurs can be both challenging and gratifying at the same time. Challenging because you need to set up an efficient environment for top performers who seek quality contacts and outstanding results; gratifying because, in most cases, entrepreneurs know exactly what they are looking for and want to benefit from your networking event or session.

B2B matchmaking events for entrepreneurs are slightly different from the rest. Of course, in all cases, your mission is to provide flawless logistics and well-coordinated communication. But when it comes to B2B matchmaking events for entrepreneurs, you may want to take extra time to find ways to increase the quality of the dynamic.


First, this type of event may have a positive impact on the economy, especially if you focus on encouraging relevant business collaborations. Second, by planning B2B matchmaking events for entrepreneurs, you’re giving local businesses the opportunity to attract foreign investments. Third, you’ll have the chance to better position your city, region, or country as a reference in bringing together high-profile individuals from corporations and startups.

Thus, when planning B2B matchmaking events for entrepreneurs, excellent execution is mandatory. So how can you increase the quality of your B2B networking dynamics?

Here’s a list of easy-to-apply tips:

Tip #1. Ensure stress-free logistics



Choose the right B2B matchmaking software that will make things as smooth as possible for the attendees. Know that in order to attend a networking event or session based on B2B matchmaking, your guests will have to supply their own data and schedule their own meetings. Don’t confuse or annoy them by providing a non-user-friendly B2B matchmaking platform. Choose the software you’ll work with wisely. Be sure it will be easy to navigate and understand.

Tip #2. Make sure the attendees recognize and understand the B2B matchmaking dynamic



One of the most important elements of a successful B2B matchmaking event for entrepreneurs is how well you communicate the event. You can’t expect to set up a high-quality networking session if you don’t adequately explain and prepare your guests for it; in fact, you run the risk of having zero networking participants if you can’t show the real benefits of this incredibly efficient dynamic.

Tip #3. Be extremely selective about the guest list



As you probably know, the success of your B2B matchmaking events for entrepreneurs depends on your guests’ profiles. That’s why it’s essential to have pre-established selection criteria.

Tip #4. Create a cozy environment



As philosopher Alain de Button notes in his book The Architecture of Happiness, space can alter how people feel and greatly affect their experience. Considering this, whenever you plan B2B matchmaking events for entrepreneurs, pay extra attention to the environment you’re setting up for the attendees. Be sure to provide comfortable spaces for people to interact. Provide a pleasant environment for networking, controlling factors such as luminosity, humidity, air, and temperature.

Tip #5. Offer end-to-end guidance



One of the best things about planning B2B matchmaking events for entrepreneurs is empowering your guests to schedule their own meetings with whomever they choose. However, even with a pre-scheduled meeting agenda, participants still may need some additional help. So be ready to assist your attendees during the entire event. Ask a few volunteers or staff members to always be present in the room. Make the entire networking process easy to navigate by clearly marking the session parameters and by letting your guests know where to go after each session.

Final thoughts

You don’t just set up a B2B matchmaking event for entrepreneurs—you must design a powerful and meaningful networking experience that will have a positive impact on your attendees. The B2B matchmaking system is a good way to alleviate possible uncertainty and logistic procedures, yet on its own, it’s not enough to deliver high-quality networking experiences. That’s why it’s extremely important to pay attention to every single detail and plan the B2B matchmaking event with one goal in mind: to deliver excellence and quality.


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