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Introducing the Merchandising Module, Plus Other Goodies

Esteban Ochoa
September 18, 2018

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Just a few design tweaks and new features can make all the difference. At least, this is what we believe at Eventtia. So once in a while, we are excited to present you with the latest updates we’ve worked on to make our software better, faster, and friendlier.


Let’s start with the biggest news: The new Merchandising module is now live, aiming to help you sell your brand products and experiences with ease.

Whether it’s a T-shirt, a hat, or even a customized board game, you can embed these options into your registration form and sell these items automatically.

Here’s how it works: First, go to the Registration module and click on Merchandising.

Then, create different sales options (click on New as indicated above), adding things such as the name of the object (or brand experience), quantity, maximum number of objects per attendee, availability, variations, description, and prices.

Once you’ve saved your options and incorporated them into the registration form, your attendees can choose if they want to purchase the product (or the brand experience you are offering). 

If they choose to buy a piece of merchandising, the fees for the item will sum up to the overall attendance fee.

How cool is that?


Aiming to transform the Attendees module in the most user-friendly experience, especially when accessed from a smartphone, we condensed all the attendee information and options.

We also added a Networking tab as an extra piece of information about the attendee, which is only activated if the attendee is participating in networking.

This way, you won’t have to jump between different modules and sections—you can now view all the necessary attendee data in just one click.

As the image shows, the Networking tab will help you see your guests’ agendas and the graphic of the connections made at your event.



  • You can now customize the colors of the Speakers’ module. You’re welcome!
  • Apart from increasing the font size for the speakers’ module, you can also now publicly display the company’s name and the speakers’ job titles. The enhanced speaker profiles mean you can communicate as much information as possible about their expertise to your attendees.
  • A new Budget field was embedded into the event.
  • We introduced a new Job Title field to help you better map the attendees’ profiles.


  • Your attendees will now be able to bookmark their favorite event exhibitors. This will help them remember the brand names and associate them with the meaningful experiences they had during the networking interaction.
  • We added the option to bookmark favorite activities.
  • You can now change the icons in custom modules.
  • We added a special button to change the language of the mobile app.
  • On the search screen, you can see an improved visual display of the elements.
  • Networking participants now appear in alphabetical order.


  • We fixed the problem with group payments in PayU.
  • The image of the banner appears as responsive in IE.
  • We repaired the language registry problem.
  • We corrected the problem related to listing only the first speaker in the Speakers module.
  • The bug regarding viewing the speakers has been fixed.
  • In the Registration module, the attendee type order is now respected.

We know that all this is just a tiny drop in the ocean, yet we are working hard and continuously to offer you top-notch solutions to planning and managing memorable events that can make a real impact. Until next time …

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

Esteban Ochoa
CTO – Chief technology officer of Eventtia

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