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How to Launch Powerful Mass Mailing Campaigns in the Blink of an Eye

Victoria Rudi
October 24, 2017

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Maintaining positive and efficient communication with your attendees (prior to and after the event) is the key to meaningful engagement and relationship-nurturing. From the save-the-dates to unexpected changes in the agenda, mass mailing campaigns are an essential part of your event marketing strategy.

To optimize the interaction, it’s important to grab your audience’s attention and deliver your messages succinctly.

Building trust is another differentiating element mass mailing campaigns can provide. By creating conversations with your potential attendees or registered participants, you can easily strengthen the trust between the both of you.

Considering this, here are a quick list of things you can do through mass mailing campaigns:

  • Boost event attendance. The main reason event professionals usually launch mass mailing campaign is to send invitations (using a prior list of contacts) and attract a bigger number of attendees.
  • Inform about new updates. Mass mailing campaigns are an expedient and effective way to notify your guests about unexpected changes in the event program.
  • Provide extra details. To make sure your attendees are aware of the exact location of the venue, for example, you may want to send them an extra email with all the specifications.
  • Promote products or services. What better use for mass mailing campaigns than to market your additional offers?
  • Gather feedback. After the event, it’s always advisable to send quick surveys or forms that will allow your attendees to express their honest evaluation of the overall experience.

By sending multiple mass mailing campaigns, you’ll be able to segment the communication and accompany your attendees through their entire event experience. Yet, when designing mass mailing campaigns, you may encounter multiple challenges or issues.

Here are a few:

  • Managing the mailing lists. When using third parties, you usually waste plenty of time on downloading and importing your lists. By the time you have the list up and running, your database will be out of date and you’ll have to start the process all over again. With a reliable bulk email verifier, you can keep your mailing lists updated and save time in the long run.
  • Targeting the mass mailing campaigns. There’s no shortage of targeting criteria. That’s why it’s imperative that event professionals efficiently segment their lists.
  • Send truly attractive messages. Without a custom HTML editor, you can’t compose rich emails that will grab the recipients’ attention.
  • Accessing the analytics. Without the tools to monitor the success of your mass mailing campaigns, as well as the opening and the response rate of your participants, you won’t know what to improve next time.

Luckily, with Eventtia, you can avoid all these problems and save time by setting up mass mailing campaigns that are just a few clicks away.

This is how you can do it:

Step 1.

Go to the Attendees module and click Communications.

Step 2.

Click on Send Mass Mail to start a new message. If you have already sent a few messages, to start a new one, click on the green button New.

Step 3.

When creating the new message, you can easily select the type of recipient.

Step 4.

Using this feature, you’ll be able to target participants depending on the following criteria:

  • Attendee type
  • Program sessions / workshops
  • Networking (if you have B2B meetings within your event)
  • Payment status
  • Check-in status
Attendee type to send mailing
Segments on events

Step 5.

After defining the profile of the recipient, you can start writing your message in the text editor.

Step 6.

You can personalize the message using custom HTML. Notice that in the lower part you find a list of tags such as ${first_name}. Use these tags in the body of your text to personalize the emails. You will be able to use the information that you captured from attendees through the registration form.

Step 7.

Save your message and send it to yourself (or a coworker) to test the email and to check it for mistakes. If everything is OK click Send.

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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