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Victoria Rudi
May 1, 2016

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We would like to look back at the Recruitment Forum organized by the Arts & Métiers School of Paris. Each year they invite 150 large companies to meet their students in order to help them find their first job. The event was fully managed with Eventtia!


The organizing team manages all the bookings and sales of 150 booths to exhibiting companies using Eventtia. The exhibitor’s online space allowed them to consolidate all the information in one single place and generate an online and mobile exhibition catalogue. For the first time in its history, the Forum abandoned the classic paper catalogue and adopted an event mobile app fully synchronized with the information in Eventtia. Companies made a better communication of their recruitment needs and students were able to prepare their visit more efficiently.


Digital communication was supported in multiple ways. First, the team built a fully responsive multi-page event website with integrated media and even an exhibitor catalogue that exhibitor’s could update themselves. You can see the result here! Then, a full-integrated and branded mobile app has been designed for the event. Students were able to find the most relevant job opportunities, find their way around the forum and schedule their forum agenda. It was very interesting to see how they appreciate manage everything with the event mobile app and not a paper version… welcome to 2016 with the Generation Y!


Finally, what can we conclude? Digital event management allows you to organize and communicate better. You are also in the same line than the needs of today, using mobile and multiple information. You need to go faster, we understand this request since it is something important for all our clients. That’s why we bring you the best solution for gaining time and productivity and getting a great and personalized result.


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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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