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How to Make More Money With B2B Matchmaking Events

Victoria Rudi
April 11, 2017

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Let’s cut to the chase and talk business: as event professionals, we aim to become better planners, run greater events, and add more value to our attendees (hint: you can skyrocket this part with B2B matchmaking events). Yet, we can’t deny that increasing revenue is one of the motivators that make us get out of our comfort zone and try new things, even with the risk of not staying within the budget.

And that’s the amazing thing about the event industry: the more you invest in your game, the more value you add to your attendees (and clients) and the more you increase your revenue.

Considering this, how about investing a few minutes in learning how B2B matchmaking events (another name for really cool networking events that actually work) can help you gain more money? Let’s start by clarifying what B2B matchmaking events are.

This concept is relatively new and provides an efficient solution to painful networking experiences during which attendees would make zero relevant contacts.

B2B matchmaking events (not be confused with speed dating) allow the participants to engage in the networking weeks before the event, decide with whom they want to interact, and schedule their own meetings with those individuals to discuss their businesses or upcoming projects.

With B2B matchmaking, your attendees have to supply some information about themselves, what they have to offer, and their goals and expectations for your event. They then receive the guest list, and from that list can send requests to the attendees with whom they want to meet, thereby setting their own networking agenda.

B2B matchmaking is the only system that empowers your attendees with the absolute control over their own networking experiences.

This will allow them to feel much more comfortable when interacting with strangers and be able to generate truly meaningful connections. Subsequently, by guaranteeing people who attend your B2B matchmaking events the certainty of finding relevant contacts, you’ll become a creator of value.

The more value you add to your attendees’ businesses, careers, or projects, the greater your chances are of increasing your revenue.

So here’s how you can make more money with B2B matchmaking events:

Organize meetings with hosted buyers 

“Who are hosted buyers?” you may be asking.

Hosted buyers are your ticket to the big league. These people are highly qualified professionals who want to buy good products or services without having to waste their time on internet searches. You usually invite these hosted buyers to your events (which means that you pay for their tickets, accommodation services, meals, etc.), automatically becoming more appealing for exhibitors or other people who want to sell their products or services.

Imagine how attractive the networking would be if you forgot about the traditional format of meetings and started running B2B matchmaking events. Your attendees or exhibitors will have free access to the list of hosted buyers, not to mention the possibility of scheduling meetings with them. There’s nothing else they’ll want more. And of course, they’ll have no problems agreeing to pay for it, no matter what the cost.

Come up with a new way to promote your event

Let’s not forget that people attend events to network.

So what “catchy marketing headline” do you use when you promote your events? Are you promising your potential attendees the opportunity to engage with industry professionals? Or maybe you are marketing the possibility of building new business relationships during your events.

What if, by deciding to run B2B matchmaking events, you can promise your attendees a stress-free, smooth networking session? Increase your event’s attractiveness by letting your potential guests know they’ll have full control over the networking experience. Sell more tickets by attracting high-quality attendees who don’t want to waste their time on silly icebreaker games.

Become a powerful connector and leverage this feature

Be an intermediate and craft the art of connecting people.

With B2B matchmaking events, you can easily become a powerful connector with an impressive success rate under your belt. Mastering this feature, you can attract clients who are willing to pay big money for you to design and plan high-level networking events that truly work.

Also, you’ll have the necessary tools to attract more and more attendees who want to find new partners or sponsors for their businesses or projects. Plus, you’ll increase the quality of your event and become a networking reference.

Wrap up

As you can see, the possibilities for generating more revenue through B2B matchmaking events can be endless. But before you start to make money, you need to know how to set up good B2B matchmaking dynamics that will amaze your attendees.


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