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How to Plan Events That Will Help You Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Victoria Rudi
August 22, 2017

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Would you trust someone who didn’t seem to care about building a (professional, friendship, etc.) relationship with you? Most probably, your answer is “no.” After all, who wants to have someone around who invests zero time and effort in building a meaningful connection? Well, the same thing is true for a brand. Businesses, startups, and companies should not only think about generating new leads and converting those leads into buyers, but also about retaining existing clients. There is no other way to success than to strengthen brand loyalty and keep your existing clients.

But don’t rush to pour your money in social media ads. This is a good way to make yourself heard, but it’s not enough. As Michael Wyrley-Birch, chief operating officer at TRO EMEA, argues, “Consumers are becoming increasingly cynical about traditional forms of media, so brands are diverting budget to create authentic experiences that generate brand content.” So if you really want to reconnect with your current clients, think about planning and running a brand event.

According to Marketo, “Events offer high levels of engagement with customers, which helps to retain and grow the customer base and allows marketers to realize a bigger ROI.” The same study shows that “95% of business professionals say face-to-face meetings are essential for nurturing and retaining long-term business relationships.”

Considering this, how exactly can you strengthen brand loyalty by planning events? What should you do to retain your current clients? Here’s a list of tips to take into account when running your next brand event:

Tip 1. Let your clients share their success stories

Who said your clients can’t be good speakers? Don’t think about inviting them as attendees. Strengthen brand loyalty by offering them the platform to share their success stories, and the ways in which your products or services helped them overcome their challenges. By putting existing clients in the spotlight, you’ll transform them into opinion leaders, subsequently building a strong bond. At the same time, you’ll increase your chances of attracting new leads and clients. Listening to how your brand helped other people solve their most burning pains will likely persuade other attendees (potential clients) to try your products or services.

Tip 2. Deliver unique in-person brand experiences

Before planning your brand event, talk with your marketing team and define a series of engaging experiential marketing settings to delight your existing clients. From augmented reality to sensorial experiences, you have all the freedom to unleash your imagination. Provide unique in-person brand experiences, and strengthen brand loyalty by offering your attendees a more sensorial perspective about your products or services.

Tip 3. Provide a networking space for your existent clients

Strengthen brand loyalty by helping people build professional connections at your event. Set up a B2B matchmaking dynamic where your current clients could interact, connect, and subsequently collaborate with those who can add true value to their professional lives. For example, if your business is developing digital products for beginning startups, during your brand event, you could plan a B2B matchmaking session between your loyal clients and potential investors. By doing so, you’ll show your commitment toward your clients’ success as well as highlight your intention to accompany them on their path of growth.

Tip 4. Analyze how to improve your products or services

Brand events are an incredible platform for listening to your potential attendees and understanding their real needs. So how about your existent clients? Do you think you know everything about their challenges? Are you sure that your products or services provide high value? Or maybe your current clients have developed a new series of problems and questions that you could tackle and solve?

Strengthen brand loyalty by showing your current clients your care and interest in going further and understanding their ongoing issues. Take good advantage of gathering your current clients at your event and talk to them about the ways you could improve your products and services.

Tip 5. Set up a social program exclusively for your current clients

How about incentivizing your attendees? Invite your existing clients to a cocktail party, an exclusive guided tour, or a unique concert. Show them your loyalty and appreciation and make them feel special. Plan your event around their brand perception and think about ways in which you could supply a truly extraordinary experience.

By doing so, you’ll encourage them to associate your brand with positive memories and enthusiastic feelings. This hint of exclusivity will not only show your allegiance toward your present clients, but will also encourage their sense of empowerment (and maybe pride) to be part of this restricted group.

Final thoughts

There are multiple reasons to plan a brand event. From increasing awareness to sales growth and lead generation, events will help you shape your attendees’ beliefs and behaviors. However, if you are truly serious about your business, you must never forget about your existing clients. Strengthen brand loyalty by tailoring your events to their needs and continuously adding real value to their professional or personal lives.

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