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Higher Personalization, Better Experiences – Eventtia New Features

Esteban Ochoa
March 7, 2019

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The greatest part about working at a tech company is the chance to see how our products evolve over time.

This is possible thanks to the tireless work of our developers and the amazing feedback we gather from our customers, or better said, our extended team of accomplices and dear friends.

Witnessing and taking part daily at the incredible growth of Eventtia as a reliable and holistic tool for event planning, we’re super excited to announce the following platform updates:

New report for B2B matchmaking (Meetings Overview)

We know how important is to have the right data at the right moment. To that point, we’ve released a new report called “Meetings Overview” (Under the Reports Section) that will allow you to understand the dynamics of your B2B matchmaking.

It will show you the behavior of each participant and his or her meetings, helping you with the B2B managing process.

B2B matchmaking meeting evaluations

When running a B2B matchmaking event or B2B networking session, you’ll face two challenges. The first one is to overview all of your attendees’ one-on-one meetings.

The second one is to get your attendees to take surveys evaluating their in-person interactions (in real time).


To avoid the mess these challenges involve, we’ve enabled the system to generate a report that will help you manage the entire process. This report will show you the participants, the amount of scheduled meetings (per participant), and how many of those evaluation surveys they’ve taken.

Mobile experience – new features

With the increased usage of custom modules incorporated in the event mobile app comes the need for personalization. For example, you may want to customize the mobile experience based on attendee types and show certain modules to your VIP guests or visitors.

This is now possible thanks to the module editor for the mobile app. You can create the module easily and select which types of attendees can see it.


Mobile experience – It’s all about personalization

Gain exposure and align the event with your brand identity. Starting today, the mobile app will match your event’s personality.


This feature can be accessed from “Mobile Experience” -> ”App Settings” -> “User Interface.”

B2B matchmaking new agenda print options

Before, the options for printing the B2B matchmaking agendas for your attendees were limited.

Sometimes, a different information architecture or design was needed.

Other times, it was impossible to introduce important data concepts, such as the contact information.

That’s why we designed this new feature that allows you to print your attendees’ meeting agendas with all the data you need and lets you choose from these new printing options:

  • Layout (table or cards)
  • Include contact email
  • Include contact phone number
  • Meeting status
  • Group the agenda by company name
  • Group the agenda by table name
  • Order by company name, contact name, or location

The vertical ellipsis

Our main goal is to simplify the Eventtia UI and make your life easier when planning and managing an event. That’s why we decided to reduce the numerous options displayed all over the platform and introduce a contextual menu using the vertical ellipsis (⋮).


List of country calling codes

To improve your attendees’ registration experience, we’ve added a list of country calling codes plus a new set of validations. This new feature will speed up the registration procedure. It will also let your guests send SMS messages more effectively, excluding any possible errors when trying to enter a phone number.


Limit coupon codes to attendee types (pro feature)

Until now, when creating a coupon code, it was available to all attendee types of your event. We’ve added a new feature that lets you restrict a coupon code to one or more attendee types.


This is very useful when you only want VIPS to use those 100% discount coupons. This new feature can be accessed from the “Coupons” section.

New filter for bulk messages

Whenever you’re hosting an event where B2B matchmaking is optional (meaning it requires an additional registration), it’s common to need to group your attendees into different categories for communication purposes.

For example, you may want to send a massive mailing or SMS campaign to those attendees who aren’t attending the B2B matchmaking session. Unfortunately, this wasn’t possible before.

However, we’ve changed that, and you can now use a special filter (“Send to all nonregistered participants”) and decide who’ll receive your emails or SMS messages. You can access this option via filters for massive messaging.


Private labels for custom fields

Whether you’re using the custom fields for networking or registration, you can configure them as public or private. Public fields are shown in the registration forms, while the private ones are hidden.

There’s one field called “Label,” which wasn’t possible to set as private until now. This new feature can be very handy for administrative tasks and tips for your team.

Pending payment registration message

We added a new message for those people who have registered for the event without paying the fees. This message will remove any possible confusion and prompt your guests to complete the pending payment.

Group coupons

Previously, the handling of group coupons wasn’t allowed. We changed this, and starting today, each member of the group registering for the event can add his or her coupon number.

Custom field character limit (B2B networking profile)

We added a new feature that allows you to limit the amount of characters people can insert when filling in the B2B networking form.


Your event logo on the Stripe payment page

Until recently, when accessing the Stripe payment page, your attendees were seeing Eventtia’s logo. To help you gain more exposure and align the third-party services with your brand identity, we decided to change that. From now on, the Stripe payment page will display your event logo.

The event time zone and countdown (public website)

Before, the countdown component you could display on the website wasn’t always aligned with the accurate event time zone.

We fixed this issue so that the countdown now correctly shows the number of days, hours, and minutes until the event, based on the event’s start date and time zone.

Private and required fields

If, by any chance, you were to introduce a custom field in the registration form marked as required and private (hidden from the public registration form), your attendees would get a required field error, even if they wouldn’t get the option to fill it out.

We fixed this issue so you can enjoy greater flexibility when planning your next event.

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

Esteban Ochoa
CTO – Chief technology officer of Eventtia

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