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Remote is Everywhere or How Popular Online Events Are

Victoria Rudi
September 10, 2018

Planning and organizing an event or activity can be costly, more so if the services of an event planner are employed. Of the total budget for an event, 15-20% is typically attributed to hiring the full-services of an event planner. Consultations are estimated to be around $40-$250 per hour, depending on the coverage of the consultation or the quality of the event planner.

To provide a more cost-effective alternative, event management software and application have been developed and made available in the market. Remote tech jobs now include development projects for tools and applications for online event management systems, even bespoke software. Highly capable remote developers are employed to create event website design and maintenance plans.

Online event management applications are also a booming market. In 2017, the event management software market was estimated to be worth 6.38 billion USD globally and is forecasted to grow to over 11 billion USD in 2022. This growing trend of using EMS has opened another avenue for outsource software development to expand its expertise in web development.

Benefits of Online Events Management

There is a lot to consider when thinking about how to plan an event. Numerous tasks and details need to be identified and monitored throughout the activity, and traditionally, has been time-consuming, tedious, and at times costly. Online event management applications help event planners streamline and automate the majority of these tasks. There are also other advantages to using online event management tools or event management software.

Reduced Costs

In using online event management systems, most of the tasks attributed to organizing an event can be done online through the software. Tasks such as canvassing for venues, catering services, transportation, and communication with other suppliers can all be done virtually through the application. With a huge chunk of the tasks done virtually, the cost of this tasks is greatly reduced and becomes an opportunity to reallocate and increase the budget for other aspects of the events.

Centralized Organizational System

With event management software, most, if not all, tasks and tools needed to organize events are in one tool. From access to venue catalogs and lists of caterers to sending out online event invitations, event management software has them. Through these type of software, event managers or organizers are able to consolidate their effort and streamline their processes and information, making them more efficient and effective in their work.

Automated Processes

Traditional event planning methods tend to be tedious, time-consuming and tiring. In using online event management applications tedious tasks such as canvassing, communication, logistical transactions, and other time-consuming work can be done with just a few clicks of the keyboard or a button. Sending out invites or other communication can be automated, searches can be done online or through established lists, and managing workflows or timelines are centralized.

Access to Digital Platform

Using event management software provides event organizers and event planners a link to the expansive Internet. In today’s technological age, everyone can communicate and transact through the virtual space of the Internet. With online event management tools, event planners can make the most of the digital platform and communicate and transact virtually over the internet. Ways on how to promote an event expand with the inclusion of social media as outlets through various EMS tools and applications.

Greater Project Oversight

With tools such as online event management applications, event planners and organizers are have greater oversight on the multitude tasks and facets of event organization. Users are able to oversee most, if not all, of the work that goes into achieving high-level goals to the tiny logistical details. With this, users are more aware of the progress of the tasks and can adjust accordingly when necessary. Through this, users have more ownership of their events and are empowered to do even more to improve them.

Is Remote Work The Future?

There have been a number of companies and organizations that have employed the use of events management software and application in organizing events.

● McDonalds

● Columbia University

● Repsol

● Bioderma

● The South Summit

● LEAN Startup Conference

● BDO Australia

● Franchise Update Media

● Endeavor Global

Most of these companies have employed not only bespoke software but also online event management applications. With offshore software development being highly in demand, remote tech jobs have now expanded towards event website design, development, and maintenance.

Optimizing the Use of Online Events Management

There are many ways on how to plan an event or activity, but what is common is the need for proper time management and organizations skills. But even with all of these tasks and whether the approach is traditional or modern, there are things that should be done that are common to all of these to make event planning a success.

Know What You Need

Identify what specific aspects of the event you need to achieve and the tools that you will be needing to complete these tasks. This will help you in figuring out what EMS to use for your event.

Inventory your Tools

Once you know the goals and tasks you need to complete, and the tools you will need, look to what you have. Identify what you have and what is still usable.

Get Peer Input

Ask for input from others that have been in your position or know the work that needs to be done. Other EMS users will help you identify the EMS best fit for your needs.

Go Shopping

When you have figured out what you need, go and search for the EMS that will best fit your needs. It will be a great help if you were to find the EMS that can be integrated into the tools that you already have.

Plan! Plan! Plan!

Once you have the EMS that you think best fit your project, establish a plan of action. Make use of the tools built-in the EMS and the other tools that you have to iron out the details of the event. The EMS will also provide you with tools for communication and logistical planning to help ease the process of planning and organizing the event.

Online Event Management

To streamline and modernize the event planning and organization process, software development companies have developed a wide range of event management systems and applications. Using these tools provide a lot of advantages for event planners.

● Reduced operational costs

● Centralized organizational and information management system

● Automated processes

● Access to the digital platform

● Provides users greater project oversight

Some of the best remote jobs in offshore software development projects have revolved around web development and the design and maintenance of online event management software. One of the ways to make the best of event management software and its advantages is to find the EMS best fit for your event planning needs. An alternative is to identify how to manage remote teams in order to collaborate with them in developing a bespoke software that will meet all your event planning needs.


Anastasia Stefanuk is a passionate writer and a marketing manager at Mobilunity. The company provides professional staffing services, so she is always aware of technology news and wants to share her experience to help tech startups and companies to be up-to-date.

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