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How to Run B2B Matchmaking Events and Boost Your Business

Victoria Rudi
June 14, 2017

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If you are a business or startup CEO, you’re probably attended a few B2B matchmaking events. There’s no other way around it, especially if you want to build new connections and growth opportunities that will help you increase your revenues and expand your business. These meetings are an incredible source for finding potential clients, partners, or sponsors. However, if you truly want to see your business skyrocket, you may want … to run B2B matchmaking events.

Unexpected, right?

Running B2B matchmaking events as a company CEO may sound weird, but let’s think about it from a wider perspective.

As a brand representative, you want to raise awareness about your business and attract new leads. Subsequently, you must develop a series of marketing strategies that will accelerate your authority and position you as an industry leader.

As you probably already understand, one of the most powerful marketing techniques is to plan and run brand events that showcase your products and services. So why not take it one step further and run B2B matchmaking events or sessions to add professional value to your (potential) clients?

This one small step can help you create a powerful platform to invite prospect partners or sponsors and engage them in a meaningful networking dynamic.

Not convinced yet?

If you run B2B matchmaking events or sessions (instead of only attending them), you’ll be able to:

Adjust the event to your specific niche



Although well-structured and concrete, B2B matchmaking events can be too general sometimes. You may find yourself, for example, attending a B2B meeting on chatbots across different industries, in spite of the fact that your startup is focused on chatbots in the automotive industry. By running a very specific business, you may find it hard sometimes to find B2B meetings thematically aligned with your product or service. So why not take matters into your own hands and run B2B matchmaking events 100% adjusted to your specific niche?

Increase the visibility of your brand



In-house brand events are a powerful communication and marketing tool that help you raise brand awareness and better position your business. However, by specifically offering B2B meetings to your potential clients, partners, or sponsors, you’ll gain more visibility, which will strengthen your position on the market.

Find new investors and business partners



Are you tired of attending other B2B networking sessions and continuously searching for new investors or business partners? What better way of finding them than bringing them to you by running your own B2B matchmaking events? This way, you’ll have the means to create a strong and attractive networking platform with people of interest. Also, it’ll give you the tools to attract those potential investors or business partners that are specifically interested in growing your niche.

Add incredible value to your clients and partners



Is there any better way to strengthen your client and partner relationships than offering them the chance to connect with someone who can add true value to their professional lives? Run B2B matchmaking events and earn the appreciation of your clients and partners.

Final thoughts

Although you may continue to attend networking events, by deciding to run your own B2B matchmaking events, you’ll open a new door of possibilities and marketing advantages. Apart from becoming a game-changer, you’ll be able to set the industry tone and add value to your clients and investors; attract new leads, sponsors, or business partners; increase your brand’s visibility and popularity, and adjust B2B meetings to your specific business niche.


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