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European Crowdfunding starts a long term partnership with Eventtia

Esteban Ochoa
December 22, 2014

The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) is a non for profit organization based in Brussels.  It gathers crowdfunding platforms and other stakeholders from across the continent and supports its members in the development, promotion and protection of the industry.  For the 2014 edition of the annual convention the ECN chose Paris and selected Eventtia as its event technology partner.

During 2 days, 300 participants joined at Paris Bpifrance on December 2014, for a series of passioning conferences and debates on the present and future of the industry.  Innovation, entrepreneurship and regulations were at the center of the discussions. Members pledged for the emergence of a European market and the harmonization of regulatory frameworks.

The ECN was looking for a ticketing platform to register its participants for the annual convention and process payments. With Eventtia it found a solution that exceeded their expectations; it was selected over other major ticketing platforms in the market because is the only solution that fulfills their specific event and communication needs.

Now, after making a first successful event together, ECN decided to continue its collaboration with Eventtia and increase its use in 2015.  More than 50 crowdfunding events called « CrowdTuesdays » will be organized with Eventtia in many european cities.

For the ECN, Eventtia is much more than an event registration tool, it’s a powerful CRM integrated with a mailing engine.   It’s also the only platform that allows them to organize events collaboratively among network members across Europe.  The ECN gains enormous time and effort while increasing the impact of its events and campaigns.

At Eventtia, we are so proud to be part of the rise of the crowdfunding industry! This is just the beginning!


Let Eventtia help you from start to finish.

Esteban Ochoa
CTO – Chief technology officer of Eventtia

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