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Three highlights from Event Tech Live 2014

Esteban Ochoa
November 17, 2014

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Event technology is blooming all around the world and is completely transforming the event industry.  Event Tech Live in London is a major European event fully dedicated to event technology.  We were glad to take part of this year’s edition and to meet event managers, startups and media. We met tons of amazing and talented contacts and we wanted to share some of our highlights with you:

1. Social media has taken over the industry
Meetings are mostly about human relationships, generally the first objective of event participants is to make new contacts and network. The rise of social media over the past decade has been adopted by event professionals in the form of private social networks for events and mobile apps have brought them into every visitor’s pocket. This year, DoubleDutch did an awesome job developing a cutting-edge mobile app that most of us used. It was a tremendous way to get people to interact together and to break the ice.
2. Competition is fierce and market is thriving
A race for innovation is driving all companies and there’s a big interest in web based event technology. There’s already an amazing number of players in the market and event professionals now have a large choice of technology tools available at affordable prices and even for free.
Actually, when we look at all these great technology, the question event professionals may ask themselves are:
– Which technology is best for me?
– How will I manage working with so many suppliers?
– How much will it cost me in total at the end?
Event managers told us many times how difficult it was to work this way. Most of them are not geeks, they just want to create outstanding events and make people get the best experience out of them.
3. An amazing event technology success story
We were especially thrilled by hearing Cvent’s CEO, Reggie Aggarwal, during the keynote. What an amazing success story! At Eventtia, we really are striving towards the same goal: making event professionals lives easier by offering them an online all-in-one management software. We started our activity in Medellin, Colombia mid 2013 and we just started our business in Paris, France at the beginning of November 2013 at  the WebSummit in Dublin.
So watch out now, we’re now in Europe, and we’re now in the game!
A special thanks to Adam Parry and Event Industry News for this amazing Event Tech Live 2014.
A great venue in a great city + great innovative technology (and wifi) + great participants = a 5 stars engaging event!

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

Esteban Ochoa
CTO – Chief technology officer of Eventtia

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