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Top 8 Hospitality Platforms for Events and Consumer Experiences

February 27, 2024

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Events play a crucial role in building strong connections between brands, their consumers and suppliers. Also, they help boost brand awareness, generate new leads, acquire new customers, and increase customer life-time value.

For example, a luxury retail brand can improve its image and market presence by inviting VIP guests and influencers to an international event. Similarly, a sporting goods retail brand can leverage the events strategy by inviting Olympic athletes to participate in a showcase event with young sports enthusiasts. 

However, that’s impossible without using hospitality platforms for events. Whether managing events logistics, booking accommodation, or arranging transportation, hospitality platforms are necessary for planning and hosting results-driven events. 

The ideal hospitality platform offers elements such as: 

  • Great multi-channel attendee experience
  • Easy event management
  • Great customization
  • Powerful integration capabilities
  • Responsive customer support 
  • And more 

Next, we will analyze 8 top hospitality platforms for events, helping you to identify the one that best suits your needs. 

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1. Eventtia

Eventtia is a cutting-edge technology company providing advanced event management solutions tailored to consumer and luxury retail companies.

Since 2014, world-renowned brands have used Eventtia’s all-in-one hospitality platform for events and API services to digitize, execute, and measure their events on a large scale.

To this day, Eventtia is proud to have supported more than 30,000 events for millions of attendees worldwide. Global groups such as Pernod Ricard, Richemont, Pierre Fabre, and NAOS Bioderma, and brands such as Dior, Toyota, BMW, and Axa have developed partnership relationships with Eventtia, powering up their events strategy. 

Eventtia has a particular focus on developing solutions for consumer and luxury brands. This approach allows the leading hospitality platform for events to innovate by building capabilities that correspond to the ever-evolving needs of its clients. 

As an events manager at Pernod Ricard, highlights, “I love this event management software. I have used this software for all my events and feel confident with it.”

Eventtia offers one of the most customizable hospitality platforms for events today, including a back-office web portal for event organizers and a suite of web and mobile interfaces for attendees.

Apart from these key features, such as online and on-site registration, ticketing and online payments, event calendar, on-site check-in, and event mobile app, Eventtia also provides solutions such as accommodation booking and guest management.

Moreover, Eventtia offers all features with back-end microservices and front-end interfaces, providing clients with fast and easy deployment. Companies can use the platform through a robust and documented REST API to create tailored and evolutive solutions with deep system integrations. 

Eventtia is designed for big groups and companies, ensuring access to enterprise-level features such as single sign-on, white label, unlimited API calls, role-based access, and more. 

Eventtia offers a wide variety of knowledge base materials and extensive customer support before, during, and after events. With a Customer Satisfaction Score above 90%, Eventtia is pro-active in accompanying its clients throughout the entire event planning cycle, ensuring an agile reaction.   

2. Tripleseat 

Tripleseat is a software company that delivers event management solutions for the hospitality industry, targeting restaurants, hotels, and venues. It provides a platform designed to facilitate the booking and event management process for different hospitality establishments, facilitating the organization of events ranging from small meetings to large-scale functions.

Since its launch in 2008, Tripleseat has been adopted by numerous venues globally, including well-known entities like NoHo Hospitality Group, Cameron Mitchell restaurants, Hay Creek Hotels, TAO Group Hospitality, and Union Square Hospitality Group. 

The platform aims to address specific challenges the hospitality industry faces in managing events. It offers a suite of tools for venue managers and event organizers, including functionalities for lead management, proposal, and contract automation, event order creation, and analytics for performance tracking. Additionally, Tripleseat provides features for online booking, guest management, and direct communication between venues and clients.

Tripleseat also supports custom integration through its API, allowing venues to connect the platform with their existing operational systems for a more seamless workflow. 

3. Guestia 

Guestia is a software solution designed to improve the guest experience at events. Since its inception in 2018, the company has focused on sports and corporate events, aiming to simplify event planning and execution. 

Guestia also offers a specialized travel management platform to facilitate the planning and execution of event travel logistics. This solution provides an integrated suite of tools to simplify the complexities of organizing travel arrangements for events. Guestia’s travel management platform is particularly well-suited for organizations that regularly host events involving complex travel logistics, such as international conferences, sports tournaments, and corporate retreats. 

The core features of Guestia include guest management, itinerary creation, travel and accommodation logistics, and real-time communication with attendees. 

Regarding customer support, Guestia offers resources and assistance to help clients make the most of the platform. This includes access to a knowledge base, training materials, and customer support teams dedicated to assisting with any issues that may arise while using the software. 

4. Perfect Venue 

Perfect Venue facilitates event management for venues, particularly those in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, hotels, and event spaces. Since its inception in 2017, Perfect Venue has been adopted by various venues seeking to simplify event operations and improve client satisfaction. 

Key functionalities of Perfect Venue include inquiry and lead management, automated proposals, contract management, and payment processing. These features reduce the administrative burden on venue and restaurant managers.

An essential aspect of Perfect Venue is its focus on improving the booking and event planning experience for both venues and their clients. The platform offers customizable templates for proposals and contracts, a centralized calendar for managing bookings, and tools for direct client communication. 

In terms of customer support, Perfect Venue provides extensive resources, including a knowledge base, tutorial videos, and access to a dedicated support team. This level of support is geared towards ensuring venues can maximize the benefits of the platform.

5. SevenRooms 

SevenRooms is a software dedicated to improving guest management and operational efficiency for restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality venues. It specializes in providing tools for optimizing reservations, guest engagement, and personalized service. 

Also, SevenRooms offers an event management platform for hospitality, tailored for restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues. 

This platform facilitates the planning and execution of events, from private dining experiences to large-scale functions.

SevenRooms enables event booking and management and allows venues to create and offer customizable event packages. 

A highlight of using SevenRooms for event management is its capability to deliver a personalized guest experience. By leveraging detailed guest profiles, venues can customize events to match their clients’ specific likes and requirements, from menu selection to seating arrangements. 

The platform integrates with a venue’s existing operational systems, including POS and CRM tools. 

In terms of customer support, SevenRooms offers a knowledge base, training materials, and a dedicated support team, all aimed at helping clients navigate the platform efficiently.

6. PlanningPod 

PlanningPod is a platform designed to cater to the needs of event planners and venue managers. The company provides three solutions: venue management software, event planning software, and floor planning software. 

Additionally, PlanningPod facilitates financial management with tools for tracking budgets, expenses, and payments, which is essential for maintaining financial oversight.

Since its introduction in 2013, PlanningPod has served thousands of users, including independent event planners, corporate event teams, and venue operators. 

The platform also integrates with other software tools, such as calendar apps and email marketing services, allowing event professionals to maintain a cohesive workflow across their technology stack.

In terms of customer support, PlanningPod provides a knowledge base, video tutorials, and responsive customer service teams. 

7. Cvent 

Cvent offers event management solutions for hotels, conference centers, and other venues, providing them with the tools to attract event planners, manage bookings, and deliver service to guests and event attendees.

Cvent has become a go-to resource for venues looking to optimize their event hosting capabilities and enhance their visibility within the global event planning community. 

The company offers venue sourcing tools, enabling venues to showcase their offerings to a vast network of event planners, increasing their chances of being selected for events.

Also, it helps simplify the process of managing bookings for group events, from initial inquiry to final billing.

The platform’s data analytics and reporting capabilities also allow venues to gain insights into their performance and make informed decisions to improve their services.

Moreover, Cvent’s platform is designed for easy integration with existing venue management systems. This interoperability is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and ensuring that all venue and event management aspects are in sync.

Finally, Cvent offers extensive training, a knowledge base, and dedicated support teams to assist venues in maximizing the use of the platform.

8. Zkipster 

Zkipster is a specialized event management software designed primarily for guest list management and check-in processes at corporate events, galas, and premieres.

The platform has gained recognition for its efficiency in handling the complexities of managing exclusive event guest lists. 

Zkipster offers event security and privacy features, including name badge printing and photo identification, to ensure that only invited guests can access the event. This is particularly important for high-profile events where security is a top priority. 

Zkipster’s platform also supports integration with other event management tools, allowing for a broad approach to event planning and execution. This integration capability ensures that Zkipster can be effectively incorporated into the broader event management workflow, enhancing overall efficiency and coordination.

Regarding customer support, Zkipster offers extensive resources, including a knowledge base, video tutorials, and customer service teams.

Key takeaways

  • Hosting events enhances brand-stakeholder relationships, increases brand awareness, generates leads, and improves customer lifetime value.
  • The success of such events heavily relies on hospitality platforms for effective logistics management, accommodation booking, and transportation arrangements.
  • Ideal hospitality platforms should offer a great multi-channel attendee experience, easy event management, customization, integration capabilities, responsive customer support, and engagement boosts.
  • Eventtia specializes in solutions for consumer and luxury brands, offering customizable event management software used by global brands to digitize, facilitate, and measure large-scale events.
  • Tripleseat targets the hospitality industry, providing a platform that simplifies the booking and event management process for hotels, restaurants, and venues.
  • Guestia focuses on improving guest experiences at sports and corporate events, with a specialized travel management platform for event logistics.
  • Perfect Venue helps venues in the hospitality industry facilitate event operations and improve client satisfaction with its event management solutions.
  • SevenRooms offers a suite for guest and event management in the hospitality sector, emphasizing personalized guest experiences.
  • PlanningPod provides integrated event planning and venue management tools suitable for various event professionals and venue managers.
  • Cvent delivers venue and hospitality management solutions, helping venues attract event planners and manage group bookings effectively.
  • Zkipster is known for its guest list management and check-in processes; it’s designed for managing exclusive event guest lists and enhancing event security.

Contact us today to learn more about hospitality platforms for events and how Eventtia can help you strengthen the connection between your brand and customers.

Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

All-in-one event management software
Eventtia is a leading technology company, offering advanced Event Management SaaS solutions for large enterprise companies. Since 2014, renowned brands such as Pernod Ricard and Richemont Group have been trusting our All-in-One Event platform and API services to digitize, execute, and measure their events globally.

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