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Why to Use Social Media When Promoting Your Event [Infographic]

Why to Use Social Media When Promoting Your Event [Infographic]

Event Marketing
July 11, 2017

Written by:

Victoria Rudi

What’s the main goal of attending an event? Right, networking. What’s the secondary goal? Bingo! Soaking up valuable, helpful content. What does this have to do with social media? Everything!

That’s what social media is all about. Networking, creating and sharing educational content is social media’s DNA. Your event and social media are perfect for each other. Give them a chance and you will love the outcomes of this relationship.

Putting in place a social media marketing strategy can turn any event into a skyrocketing success. Here’s why:

Social Media Why


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Victoria Rudi
Marketing director

Copywriter and marketing specialist who enjoys showing the world what can be done with the power of events and some good technology.

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