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Do you want to plan an event without breaking a sweat? Our event management software is the only tool you’ll ever need. It is easy to use, simplifies the logistics, and enables your team to run impactful events.




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Multiple event management solutions, one dashboard
for you next event

Everything you need lives in a single, intuitive, and dynamic interface. It never was easier to be more productive and manage your event in no time.




Set up your event in less than one hour

Planning an event has never been easier. Our event management software will save you time and help you achieve more with less effort.


Act as a pro without any planning background

The event management software we provide is easy to configure and use. You don’t have to be an event professional to run events like a pro.


Have absolute control over the event

Your event, your rules. Our event management software is customizable and aligned with your planning needs and goals.


Plan events faster and better with our
Event Management System

Plan and manage your event from anywhere. With features such as online registration, website editor, badges and check-in, program management, invoices and payment, and email marketing, achieve the complete digitization of your event and run it with just a few clicks.

EMS_Online registration

Online registration

Online registration is at the core of our event management software. We designed our events platform, integrating a full-featured registration and ticketing module.

EMS_Payment and

Payment and invoices

Generate and send personalized invoices easily. Thanks to our integrations with PayPal, PayU and Stripe, you can start receiving online payments immediately.



By using our check-in mobile app, you’ll finally be able to avoid long waiting lines at the entrance, also effortlessly managing the access flow.

EMS_Check-in and

Print Badges

By using our planning system, you can design and print badges easily. Whether you want to generate e-badges or print them on site, we have your back.

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Discount coupons and early bird tickets

Discounts and coupon codes are the surest way to your audience’s heart. You can offer them as an incentive for those guests who’ll spread the word about your event.


Attendee tracking

We’ve simplified the attendee tracking processes. Know what your guests are doing while attending your event and improve their experience.


Event campaign

If you want to efficiently promote your event, be ready to send emails. Our EMS integrates a powerful engine that allows you to send targeted emails.


Attendee management

Managing an event guest list is crucial for carrying out tasks such as facilitating the check-in, targeting the communication, and controlling the access to different event activities.

EMS_event_program (3)-1

Event program

Often, your event might have a large variety of activities, conferences, or workshops. We built a system that lets you configure those dynamics, allowing the attendees to register for them.


Task manager

Eventtia enables you to gain full control over the workflow when planning and running events. Having access to a powerful task manager, you'll be fully equipped to manage better the work of your team.


Team collaboration and permission management

Using our event management software, you'll be able to easily manage the collaboration between your team members and issue as many user permissions as you consider necessary.


Event surveys

Discover what your attendees think about your event. Set up in or during or post-event surveys and find out everything you need to know to improve the guest experience.


We're always here to help you

Whether you have a question or a doubt, are searching for solutions to an event-related problem, or just want to say "Hi," don't hesitate to let us know. We'll be happy to connect with you.