Our event management platform gives you full autonomy to create successful events.

We provide you all the tools you need in one powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use platform. Take a look at what you get when you start creating your first event with us!!


  • Make your attendees enjoy a quick and easy registration experience, by providing friendly registration forms.
  • Reduce significantly the amount of time you spend on configuring the registration forms.
  • Scale your events by switching from manual to automated planning logistics.

Online Registration

Online registration is at the core of our event management software. We designed our events platform with your attendees in mind and have integrated a full-featured registration module that lets you:

Configure multiple attendee types

Events have several audience types, such as VIPs, staff, exhibitors, participants, and speakers.

With Eventtia, you can create as many attendee types as you need based on your event requirements.
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Build custom registration forms

Eventtia lets you create unique registration forms tailored to your event needs.

You can customize the fields by using open questions, unique option questions, multiple choices, etc.
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Manage private events

Some events are meant to be private based on your business needs.
By providing a list of guests, Eventtia ensures that only people on this list can register to your event.  

Vetting potential guests

Let people register, then use the vetting system to accept or deny their registration. This way, you’ll have a better control over the quality of your audience.

Offer discount coupons and early bird tickets

Offer your attendees a 20% discount one month before the event. Our coupon code module will give you all the flexibility you need for your next event.
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Manage guests

Easily import an Excel file with your guest list, then send those invitation emails and see how your registration numbers will increase.
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Group registration

Allow your attendees to register all at once, enlisting at the same time their coworkers, friends, or family members.


Discover what your attendees think about your event and not only. Set up in or post-event surveys and find out everything you want to know.

Collect Payments and Generate Invoices

With Eventtia, it’s easier than ever to collect payments and generate invoices. To help you accomplish this important task, we are offering you the following options:

Collect Payments

Start receiving online payments immediately, thanks to our integrations with PayPal, PayU or Stripe. It’s easy to setup and secure.

Generate invoices

Easily generate and send personalized invoices. Customize the invoice by adding visual elements (the logo of your event, payment data (the number of the invoice, the address), and the legal information.
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Manage the list of invoices

Once the attendees start registering and paying the participation fees, this new module will allow you to find the list of invoices. Also, you’ll be able to sort the event participants by “Paid” and “Pending” categories.

Facilitate the payment process

Have your attendees pay with one click by using major credit cards and other popular payment methods.

When paying the invoice, your attendees will automatically receive a payment confirmation.


  • Offer your attendees a stress-free, yet efficient payment experience with the most popular credit cards and payment methods.
  • Your money goes directly to your Paypal, Stripe or PayU account. 
  • We don't charge a sales commission based on your event income.
  • Enjoy the perks of a fully automatized process and forget about manually generating invoices for your assistants.


  • Create awesome websites for your events without having programming skills.
  • Manage the website content as you wish, without depending on third parties.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of a SEO optimized event website.
  • Don’t waste valuable time on introducing manually new event data. The updates happen automatically.

Your Event Website

Your event website is the forefront of your event and a powerful tool for attracting new attendees. With our event website editor, you can:

Create unique sites

Build a landing page or a fully responsive website in minutes with our drag-and-drop editor.

Communicate your identity

Customize your website with your brand colors and images.

Make real-time updates

Take control of your content and make real-time updates without third parties.

Customize URLs

Use your own domain name for your new event website.

Have a fully integrated site

All content such as speakers list, workshops, exhibitors, and points of interest comes directly from Eventtia. No need to do it by hand.

Monitor detailed analytics

You can integrate your own Google Analytics tracking ID and measure your site’s success.

Communicate Like a Pro

If you want to efficiently promote your event and improve your communication with the attendees, be ready to send lots of emails. Our event management platform integrates a powerful mailing engine that allows you to:

Import and manage mailing lists

We made this process simple and quick. Download our template, fill it out, and import external databases, client databases, etc.

Compose rich emails 

with our custom HTML editor, no programming skills needed. You can easily attach images, change colors and introduce all the information your attendees may need.

Send targeted emails

Select different attendee types or categories (sorting them by payment status, professional interests, event activities, etc.) and send them personalized messages.

Review your analytics

Use this data to monitor how well your communications are being received, as well as review the response rate of the participants.


  • Don't waste valuable minutes on manually downloading your attendee list only to import it to Mailchimp. By the time you'll do it, your database will be out of date. Use Eventtia instead, and save time by setting up emailing campaigns that are just a few clicks away.
  • Attract more attendees by increasing the impact of your event communication
  • Monitor the results of your communication campaign and make well-informed marketing decisions.
  • Save time by using our predefined filters and target the right recipients with the right information.

Badge Generation and Printing

Creating and distributing attendee badges can be a real nightmare.  With Eventtia's event registration platform it's extremely easy to design and print them.  Whether you want e-badges that are sent automatically to your attendees or print them on site, we have your back.  Our badges are:

Tailored to your needs

You can personalize the badges with any field from the registration form.

Process automation

You can generate the badges automatically without having to introduce the attendees’ information manually.


Print your attendee badges with a traditional printer or using the small and portable DYMO 450.

Professional look

Generate and print branded badges, offering your attendees a more professional appearance during the event.


  • By having the ability to print your own badges, you cut out the middleman and save money.
  • Print badges at the office, home or on-site. You have full autonomy.
  • Reduce attendee wait times by having a professional registration platform that works for you.


  • Gather valuable information about your attendees’ movement during the event and gain great insights about their behavior.
  • Improve your after-event communications with targeted emails. Send a Thank You email to those who checked-in.
  • Forget about having to purchase special check-in gadgets. You can do it by using your smartphone or tablet only.

On Site Check-in and Attendee Tracking

We’ve also found a way to simplify the on-site check-in process and attendee tracking. By using the Eventtia check-in mobile app, you finally have a way to avoid long lines at the entrance of your event and keep flawless control of the access flow. You can also use the app for:

Real Time Analytics

Data synchs back and forth between Eventtia and the mobile app. You have the control all the time.

Check-in points

Gain absolute control over the guest flow, by using Eventtia check-in to keep track of who attended different event activities. Moreover, in case you’ll offer special check-in goodies, you'll be able to make sure that your attendees won’t receive them twice.

Offline mode

No Internet? No problem! Our app is designed to work offline and synch once it has a working internet connection.

Event Doors

Check-in attendees at the doors of the event at the speed of light.

Program and Activities Management

Often, your event might have a large variety of activities, conferences, or workshops. Eventtia lets you configure those activities and allow attendees to register for them. You’ll also be able to:

Increase your revenue

You can set a price for the different activities and charge for them via our online payments module.

You can event set different prices based on the attendee type.​

Multi-session registration

Set up a multiple registration option for multi-track events, this way allowing your attendees to choose what activities and event dynamics are the most interesting ones.

Integrate your event website with real-time information

Any information you change or add is reflected on your event website immediately. 
No need to call a third party to update the site every time there's a change in the program.

Organize your speaker content

Configure your speakers with their biography information and social networks, and link them to your event’s different activities.


  • Simplify the attendee registration experience by allowing them to choose the activities they would like to attend.
  • Limit the number of allowed attendees per activity.
  • Fully integrates with the event website.


  • Reduce the workload. The system works for you. Establish the networking parameters, step back, and let the magic happen.
  • Avoid scheduling the meetings between your attendees using Excel spreadsheets. Our automated B2B matchmaking system will help you increase the efficiency of your work and the scale of your events.
  • Become a powerful connector. Provide high-quality experiences and valuable contacts to your attendees.

B2B Matchmaking

Our event management platform offers you one of the most advanced and easy to use matchmaking tools to help your attendees build meaningful connections during your networking events or sessions. Our B2B matchmaking platform allows you plan and run one-on-one meetings that are truly relevant for your attendees. By using the B2B matchmaking tools developed by Eventtia, you can:

Engage your attendees before the event

Encourage your attendees to connect with other participants by offering them a pre-event online interaction platform.

Create different networking profiles

Segment your audience in groups by enabling the “I’m looking for …” and “I’m offering …” options. This way, you’ll facilitate the matchmaking between different groups such as buyers and sellers, entrepreneurs and investors, etc.

Flexible agenda

The system allows you to configure the agenda parameters the way it suits you best.

Generate business opportunities

Help your attendees to create their own meeting agenda. Let them decide and choose with whom they want to interact.

Notify your attendees

The system will send your attendees meeting request alerts, automatically creating the networking schedule. In addition, it will inform the participants about the latest event updates.

100% control over the meetings

Decide the length of B2B meetings, and establish the matchmaking categories.

Mobile APP

We offer you an efficient event mobile app to create memorable experiences for your attendees. Using Eventtia mobile app, you have access to following options:

Progressive application

Forget about asking your attendees to download the event app from Google Play or App store. They can access the app directly from their browser with just a click.

Customizable profiles

Allow your attendees to decide what information they want to share with other assistants.

Push notifications

Reach your attendees through customized messages or alerts, sending them event-related information.

Event & social program

Keep your attendees informed by letting them know the structure of your event. Easy as 1,2,3.


The event mobile app allows you to present the speakers, by providing relevant information from their professional biographies


Help your attendees have a better space understanding of the event venue and facilitate their transition from one room (floor, building) to another.


Make your events more interactive by allowing attendees to ask live questions to the speakers directly through a web app on their phones.

Live polls

Ensure better attendee engagement by offering attendees the possibility to actively participate during the sessions and see the poll results in real time.


  • Improve your attendees’ event experience by offering them an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app.
  • Have access to a fully customizable event mobile app. You decide how it should look and feel like.
  • Avoid waiting for approval times in the Apple Store and Google Play. Progressive apps changes are reflected in real time.


  • Automatize a good amount of the stand reservation and logistic processes. Achieve considerable gains in terms of time and budget.
  • Provide a stress-free experience to your exhibitors by simplifying the logistics they must go through.
  • Increase the efficiency of your communication with the exhibitors.

Exhibition Management

Eventtia is trying to cover all of you planning needs, exhibition management included. So it doesn’t matter if you want to run an exhibition or help brands to showcase their products during your events- in either case, we are providing you the best options ever:

Booth management

Facilitate the commercial process of stand reservations. The system helps you to easily control stand sales and booking.

Online exhibition platform

Create an online exhibition space where you can manage different logistic processes.


Every exhibitor can register their own team.
Stop receiving tens or hundreds of excel files with this information. Time is your most valuable asset. 


Charge different fees for services (Wi-Fi, sponsorship options, etc.) you plan to offer to your exhibitors. The process is fully automated, saving you valuable time.

Exhibitors catalog

Create a personalized online catalog which lists the exhibitors. Enable the access to this catalogue via the mobile app or event website.  No need to do it by hand anymore.

Product and Services catalog

Create an online catalog which includes the products and the services your exhibitors have to offer. 


Allow your exhibitors to manage their own exhibition profile instead of doing it all by yourself. They can update the logo, description, products and services they offer among other vital information you can configure.


Set up a targeted communication with your exhibitors. By using this option, for example, you can send them messages regarding their payment status or important information about their booth.

Eventtia Leads

Allow your exhibitors to gather valuable information about the attendees that visit their stand by scanning the QR code in their badge.  They can prioritize and annotate important information.