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We’ve developed a complete & flexible solution that empowers you to create successful events without having to struggle with a whole bunch of systems

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Event Management Software

We’ve designed a beautiful and flexible platform because we want to put the pleasure back in event management. With Eventtia everything is seamless and intuitive and you’re next event will be ready faster than you can imagine. We will be your best ally for your event’s success.

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B2B Meetings

Generating business opportunities among your participants has never been this easy. With Eventtia you can easily manage the complex process of scheduling hundreds of relevant business meetings. By meeting with the people and businesses that matter the most, your participants will get the most value out of your event.

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Exhibition Management Software

Trade shows and exhibitions are the hardest events to organize! Don’t worry. From booking and selling booths to creating an online catalogue of exhibitors Eventtia got you covered. Our platform’s incredible flexibility will adapt seamlessly to your event’s needs.

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Event Mobile App

You will love our event mobile apps! They’re fully integrated with all the processes in the platform and will always be up to date. Put all of your event in your participant’s pockets, engage them before it starts and make your event live further.

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