Brand Activation Management and Clienteling Software for Retail Companies

Increase footfall in your retail stores and strengthen customer relationships through unique brand activation experiences with our retail clienteling tool.

Host Retail Activations To Acquire New Clients

Expand your customer base and reach new audiences with our cross-channel brand activation and clienteling platform.

Leverage Clienteling for Long-term Customer Relationships

Our brand activation platform empowers your team to provide tailored services and individualized attention to each customer.

Boost Customer Engagement With A Multichannel Digital Clienteling Solution

Easily integrate the multichannel digital clienteling solution powered by Eventtia into your marketing tech stack.

Promote Your Brand Activations

Create a custom landing page for your event or experience, ensuring it’s fully aligned with your brand identity.

Manage Client Registration

Allow customers to choose their favorite activity or time, facilitating effortless registration both online and on-site.

Ensure Seamless In-Store Check-in

Customers can check in with their QR code, validated by in-store ambassadors through Eventtia’s check-in mobile app.

Track Customers Purchase Journey

Monitor and evaluate customer purchases across your sales points during your events.

Re-engage Your Clients

Keep the conversation going once the event or experience is over. Use Eventtia’s tools to create and send customized emails and satisfaction surveys.

Generate Actionable Insights

Gain access to real-time data on event performance and client behavior, ensuring informed and timely decision-making processes.


Download Case Study and Get Inspired With Dior

Gain actionable insights into Dior’s exclusive and exquisite clienteling campaign, powered by Eventtia’s all-in-one event management platform.

Create Any Type of Brand Activation and Clienteling Experience

With Eventtia, you can generate multiple brand activations limited only by your imagination. Our versatile, API-powered brand activation management software empowers you to create captivating and unique experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

One Brand Activation and Clienteling Platform, Multiple Industries

Eventtia works with a wide range of consumer and luxury retail industries, empowering brands to digitize, execute, and measure their events and experiences on a large scale.

  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Watches and Jewelry
  • Food and Beverage
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Home Decoration and Furniture
  • Consumer Electronics