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5 Ways to Integrate Corporate Culture Into Your Next Event

Victoria Rudi
October 11, 2018

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With culture playing such a vital role in the day-to-day operations of businesses, it seems strange that many don’t give it much thought when it comes to events. From product launches to charity balls, many in the corporate world might assume that your culture comes naturally into fruition when you’re organising events – but are they overlooking this strategy and missing something crucial? Spending real time and thought integrating your company culture at events will make them more successful, memorable and interesting for both attendees and staff, so it’s worth the extra effort.

But what does it take to integrate something as intangible and abstract as company culture into an event? In today’s article, we’ll help you find out – taking you through 5 ways you can integrate your ethos, brand and values into your next event.

1. Keep your message consistent

From the get-go, your message to both the event team and attendees should be consistent. If your messaging is inconsistent, your culture won’t come across clearly and it’ll be hard for both staff and attendees to decipher your values and purpose. Clear, uniform messaging will set the tone for the event’s activities – so, whether you’re sending out the first batch of invitations or preparing the final presentation, lay the foundation for a great event with a transparent message that reflects your core values

2. Build a team-driven event

Your team will be orchestrating the event, so train them to be the ambassadors of your company culture from the very beginning. As they’ll be interacting with attendees on the day, it’s crucial that they understand your brand image, beliefs and values so that they can be integrated into every part of the process. Foster an experience that’s fun, inclusive and interesting for employees throughout the production stages and the end result will be far more creative, memorable and consistent.

3. Shine the spotlight on staff

At events, all eyes are on your business – but company culture is inherently community-focused. Shining the spotlight on the achievements of your team can help reinforce a sense of teamwork and togetherness. So whether you open a conference with a quick introduction to the event organisers or you host an awards ceremony to celebrate staff accomplishments, putting individuals centre stage at events can highlight the importance of company culture in your business.

4. Showcase your values

During the working day, employees live and breathe business culture more than anyone else. Culture isn’t just what you want your business to be, it’s where your business is now. If you’re dedicated to social responsibility and invest in local community initiatives, what better time to show off than at an event? Actions speak louder than words, so actively demonstrate your guiding principles by speaking about their influence on your business at events – even if just briefly.

5. Be tactical to create powerful branding

Branding is a vital element of any event – after all, it identifies who you are. The key to successful branding at events is to be clever about how you utilise it, as the way you choose to project your brand and culture to attendees can have a big impact on event success. Ensure prominent branding that is easily identifiable and memorable, but simultaneously doesn’t distract focus from the culture and experience of the event itself.

Whether you’re a fresh tech startup or an established financial powerhouse, corporate culture is all around us in our work lives. From cleaning staff to CEOs, it plays a vital role in how businesses work and function – and it doesn’t stop at the office entrance. Events are the showcase for corporate culture, so you should put thought into how you want yours to come across. Follow our 5 tips and you’ll be well on your way to an event that reflects your principles and beliefs to the core.


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