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How to Communicate Your Brand with an Event Management System

Victoria Rudi
April 27, 2023

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It doesn’t matter if you’re running an event to attract more leads or grow your sales numbers—everything depends on how well you manage to communicate your brand.

Events are powerful tools for promotion, and whether you’re working for a corporation or an institution, it’s your responsibility to align all event communication with your brand.

When you’re all caught up in the fever and frenzy of planning, it’s easy to forget that.

This can lead to a series of unfortunate mistakes. As a result, you can end up  communicating inefficiently with your attendees or missing the opportunity to increase brand awareness.

If you don’t have a powerful brand communication strategy for your event, consider all of your efforts futile.

Here’s why:

The REAL potential of your brand communication strategy 

Each time you plan an event, you are sitting on a gold mine (especially if you are using an event management system, but we’ll talk about that a little bit further).

Having a brand communication strategy before, during, and after the conference, seminar or convention can fire up your event.

To help you envision the brand communication, check out these reasons why a solid strategy will fire up your event and help you achieve your goals:

Reason #1. It provides interaction ground with your attendees

Designing a strong and coherent brand communication will help you build a higher level of trust between your company and the attendees.

Try to send a series of event invitations without incorporating any brand elements, and see how people respond. Since the institutional image will be lacking, no one will really make an effort to follow the call to action, and no one will remember your brand or your event.

A well-defined brand communication strategy can help you earn your attendees’ trust, and they’ll feel more comfortable interacting with you. Plus, you’ll get people to remember your brand.

Reason #2. It engages the attendees in co-creative activities

As Mark Bonchek and Cara France write in an article for Harvard Business Review, “The way we think about brands need to change. In the past, they were objects or concepts. You had a relationship with a brand. But in this social age, brands are the relationships. By defining a brand’s particular kind of relationship, companies can create greater engagement, differentiation, and loyalty.”

The provider/consumer relationship expired long ago.

Reason #3. It helps your products or services gain more recognition

As author Sergio Zyman highlights in his book The End of Marketing as We know it, “A brand is essentially a container for a customer’s complete experience with the product or company.”

A brand is something you deliver in a certain moment.

As a result, an efficient communication strategy can ensure that you can emphasize the value of your products or services (and not only) during the event.

Reason #4. It showcases the culture of your company

Why people do get attached to brands?

Is it only just about the services or products these companies provide, or is it something else?

A brand actually involves a series of values and characteristics that a business or institutions uses to connect with their target groups.

A brand also conveys an idea, a lifestyle.

That’s why a communication strategy has its place at your event: so you can make sure people will understand and correctly perceive your company’s values.

Now that we’ve cleared this up, how can you make sure you effectively align your event with your organization’s brand identity?

To be efficient in communicating your brand during the event, you need the help of an event management system.

If you don’t have one yet, then I need to know: how in the world have you managed to survive without one?

A good event management system will allow you to maintain coherent and positive communication with your (potential) attendees, while also being able to incorporate different brand elements.

Here’s how:

How to communicate your brand with an event management system

An event management system is crucial if you want to deliver flawless events and meaningful experiences.

It will allow you to automate the logistics and event marketing processes, and also has powerful tools that will help you communicate your brand.

Here are some of the ways you can use an event management system to transmit the essence of your brand to your (potential) attendees:

Step #1. Ignite your web page with your brand’s identity

Whether you’re about to plan a business conference, a small workshop, or a congress, an attractive event website can help you communicate your value proposition and attract more attendees.

Apart from that, it can be the frontage of your brand.

Flexible event management software will allow you to customize the site by incorporating your brand’s colors, visual elements, images, and even a unique design.

An efficient event management system should also allow you to customize the URLs.

Step #2. Design powerful email campaigns that will highlight your brand’s value

Maintaining positive communication with your attendees is the key to meaningful engagement and relationship nurturing.

From the save-the-dates to unexpected changes in the agenda, mass mailing campaigns are an essential part of your event marketing strategy and brand communication.

Whether it’s to boost attendance or inform your attendees about the new updates, a good event management system will help you create unique newsletters.

Finally, these emails will carry your identity and reinforce your communication, accompanied by your brand’s elements.

Step #3. Send trustworthy invoices

It doesn’t matter if it’s about marketing or logistics: you should reflect your brand’s identity everywhere.

This is also the case for payment collections.

A flexible event management system should let you easily generate and send personalized invoices.

You should also be able to customize the invoice by adding brand elements. You can introduce the logo, distinctive images, or particular colors you want to highlight.

Step #4. Make sure your badges are as professional as possible

If you decide to print custom event badges via deskjet printing (which means generating A4 type of printing), you can take good advantage of the paper space and include valuable information about the event.

To efficiently communicate your brand on these badges, you can include different elements such as:

  • The logo of your corporation or institution
  • Different logo lockups or variations
  • Key colors
  • Consistent style for images
  • Corporate typefaces

As a result, you can give your attendees a professional-looking, branded badge.

Step 5. Transform the event app into your brand’s carrier

A good event management system will provide you with a powerful app you can use before, during, and after the event. A fully adaptable event mobile app can be an influential tool to help you communicate your brand. Consider it a big win if you can customize the app design and add all the brand elements.

Final thoughts

You can communicate your brand through both the ways in which you plan the attendees’ journey or experience, as well as the platforms that convey the information about the event.

Good event management software will help you activate both methods.

Communicating your brand efficiently will ensure a deeper connection with your attendees and enable you to achieve the pre-established goals.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take your time and build a powerful brand communication strategy and, subsequently, make the most of all the features event management software can provide.

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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