How NAOS increased productivity by 40% without any additional resources or costs

How NAOS increased productivity by 40% without any additional resources or costs

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April 17, 2020

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Thomas Davey

NAOS is a cohesive set of 3 brands inspired by skincare. Ecobiology is at the heart of their approach to better preserve the skin’s ecosystem and strengthen its natural mechanisms. With the success of the brands: Laboratoire Bioderma, Institut Esthederm, and Etat Pur having been built on this common theme. Today, the group has over 3,300 employees located in 100 countries and is ranked in the top 60 beauty companies globally.

NAOS uses events to drive product knowledge and promote sales. Responsible for 3 different brands, it is vital that their events platform can be heavily customized whilst at the same time still communicating the relevant brand image.

With its previous events platform, the opening and closing of registration were taking up too much time and as a result, NAOS was limited in how it could manage all of its events efficiently, under one roof. They needed an event platform with more features so that they could save time and have more control over projecting their brand image.

More Features Means More Time Saved

Looking to have more control over their events, NAOS turned to Eventtia. Using a centralized platform has allowed NAOS to really focus on enhancing and positioning its brand image to attendees. There are no longer any discrepancies over branding, and the overall quality of events across the company has increased.

NAOS also has a new outlook on reporting. Prior to Eventtia, there was no way of tracking key event performance metrics. Through Eventtia’s dashboard, NAOS is able to access all of its event data in one place. This has given visibility to stakeholders who have complete insight into ROI, key indicators, and the overall performance of each event.

“Eventtia allows us to automate and to simplify all of our processes; it’s helped us understand our data and the impact it has on our activity at events,” says Sophie de Calonne, Public Relations Manager.

Productivity has increased by 40% without any additional resources or costs. Today, all of NAOS’ events are managed with Eventtia.



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