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Events and Communication

Type of events

Large annual convention (+2,000 attendees)

Event format

Virtual, in-person, hybrid

Working with Eventtia

Since 2017

About Bluesign

Bluesign is an independent communication and consultancy agency that provides comprehensive support to its clients for conventions, congresses, demonstrations, trade shows, and exhibitions, from the definition of the strategy up to the implementation onsite.

Event Planning Challenges

Before discovering Eventtia, Bluesign faced challenges with managing its website, exhibitions, networking, program, and check-in app, which caused confusion and complexity in its event management process.

Why Eventtia?

To streamline and simplify its event management process, Bluesign opted for Eventtia due to its comprehensive range of features, intuitive user interface, and excellent support provided by the Eventtia team. They were impressed by the platform's ability to meet their diverse event needs and appreciated the support they received throughout the process.

“The teams are very accessible, responsive, and pleasant to work with. It is a pleasure to collaborate with them. The platform is highly intuitive given the numerous features it offers. A comprehensive event management solution.”

- Myriam Ali-Ziana, Communication Officer

Eventtia Solutions

  • Website composers: With the help of Eventtia's developers, Bluesign created a visually appealing website using HTML. Click here to check Bluesign’s website.
  • Virtual stage: For their hybrid event, Bluesign could stream high-quality conferences and engage remote attendees with the help of Eventtia's virtual stage. This allowed them to extend the impact of their event without borders.
  • Networking: Attendees could schedule virtual and in-person meetings through the virtual stage or mobile app. For in-person meetings, Eventtia's software assigned a table to the attendees.
  • Check-in app: The check-in app helped organizers scan QR codes at the event's entrance and for specific activities, making it ideal for tracking attendance rates.
  • Badges: Organizers could personalize QR badges through Eventtia's platform and print them on-site.

Results achieved

Bluesign has been organizing the Seanergy Forum for 4 years now; they have always met their expectations with an average number of:

  • 34,000 website visits
  • 2,000 attendees
  • 450 networking meetings.

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“The customization of the event webpage is top notch. It's been great to list all of our event information in one place for our guests' easy reference.”

“In 2017, I chose Eventtia for its simplicity and user-friendliness. I was seeking a comprehensive solution that could be easily and quickly adopted by our partners, streamlining the group's event process. Today, we can say that all our event organizers are autonomous in creating events using Eventtia.”

“It is extremely easy to set up, the platform is very stable at all times, and I have even started to use its platform to develop the websites of the events. Everything is integrated and the experience of the entire process, both for the attendees and for the organizers, is excellent.”

“Very efficient and reactive customer support, easy-to-use and set-up platform, a combination of everything we needed for our in-person event (registration, match-making, communication, check-in).”