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Type of events

Conferences (300 to 2000 attendees)

Event format

Virtual, in-person and hybrid

Working with Eventtia

Since 2020

About FIBA

With over 40 years of experience, FIBA (Financial & International Business Association) is a non-profit trade association and international center for financial excellence that has made significant strides in shaping regulations and legislation across all levels of government - state, federal, and international.

Event Planning Challenges

In response to the pandemic, FIBA needed to shift to virtual events while preserving its networking capabilities. Even in 2023, they continue exploring digital solutions to enhance in-person events and networking sessions.

Why Eventtia?

They chose Eventtia as their virtual event platform because it provided the necessary navigability, ease of use, and networking capabilities.

Reasons why brands choose Eventtia

“It is extremely easy to set up, the platform is very stable at all times, and I have even started to use its platform to develop the websites of the events. Everything is integrated and the experience of the entire process, both for the attendees and for the organizers, is excellent.”

- Maria Angeles Garcia, Conference Manager

Eventtia Solutions

Eventtia offers a range of features to support FIBA’s event organizers in creating engaging and interactive events:

  • Registration: Organizers could create different attendee types and offer customized experiences based on this segmentation. This feature was also helpful for setting up networking sessions.
  • Networking: Attendees could schedule in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings through the virtual stage or mobile app, depending on their attendance mode.
  • Event website: Organizers could create landing pages using drag-and-drop templates or HTML designs. For repeated events, organizers can easily duplicate them to save time.
  • Event Mobile App: The app helped organizers elevate attendee engagement with a dynamic and interactive hybrid event experience.
  • Social Wall: The social wall feature facilitated attendee interaction by providing a public space for people to upload photos, publish comments, and discuss their event-related experiences.
These features have proven effective in supporting event organizers, enhancing the attendee experience, and driving event engagement.

Results achieved

By integrating Eventtia as its official event management tech partner to run virtual events, FIBA has successfully digitized its in-person events and conferences, creating a hybrid experience that offers digital features such as networking, Social Wall, and sponsor stands. Today, the FIBA event team is fully autonomous, using the Eventtia platform and simply cloning existing events for greater efficiency.

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“Very efficient and reactive customer support, easy-to-use and set-up platform, a combination of everything we needed for our in-person event (registration, match-making, communication, check-in).”

“Eventtia was the right choice for my virtual event. It was easy to use, easy to configure and overall it's a very visually attractive platform, in comparison to others.”

“My overall experience with Eventtia is really good. Not only at the software level, but also for the human capital it contributes. Both the sales service and the support service have been a clear example of professionalism.”

"Eventtia platform lets you easily duplicate event pages you or other members of your organization have done in the past and with a couple of changes you can set up a whole new event at a glance."