We believe in the transformative power of events

We are passionate about helping our users to generate a bold impact and grow their businesses by creating experiences people love and remember.


Empowering people to create unique events

Events are such a powerful tool for companies, brands and people to connect and share experiences. Our mission is to empower everyone that is willing to produce their own event to do so thanks to our easy-to-use event platform.

This is who we are

Our values define us as a company, help us build strong relationships and be more human. These are the heart of our company, our most important asset.

Building Trust:
We have your back

We are committed to keep up the pace
with the new demands and problems
our users have. Our main focus is to
equip them with the most efficient and
powerful tools, helping them to
effortlessly overcome their challenges.

Maximizing the efficiency:
We can lead the way

Apart from adding a creative touch to
our products and services, we strive to
change the way people run events. We
believe in the automation of planning
and marketing efforts, helping teams to
save time and resources.

Committed to accompany you:
Let's be friends

We live in a digital world, yet we rely on
humans. The core essence of our
company involves humbleness, flawless
care for our users, and the presence of
human touch in everything we do.

Time flies by


We are omnipresent, we are in many countries and always moving

We created a worldwide Eventtia community from France, Spain,
Bulgaria, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Madagascar. We
regularly gather our remote employees during virtual and physical
events during which we get to know each other through games, fun
and meaningful experiences across the globe. Currently, we have
offices in USA, Mexico, Colombia, France and Spain.

Let's take a look at the numbers

More than events, this is our
commitment with the environment

The environmental crisis is a problem that affects everyone and reducing our carbon footprint is crucial. Although we encourage remote work, we seek to go further, which is why since 2022, we’ll plant as many trees as active client accounts we have per month.

THE PLACE: the Colombian Amazon rainforest, which sadly has been the victim of massive deforestation.

We are looking for talent

Eventtia is a quickly growing event technology company. That’s why we are always searching for talented and hard-working people who are ready to join our awesome team. If you think we should hire you, send us your resume at jobs@eventtia.com Don’t hesitate to be creative and to surprise us with your presentation. We’ll appreciate that.