Monetize your events with our event ticketing software


Increase your event revenue

Leverage your events to generate revenue. Our event planning software will help you design a friendly ticketing experience and collect payments from your attendees.
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Increase the registration rate

Incentivize your attendees and boost your registration rate by offering early-bird tickets or personalized discount codes.
Have absolute control over monetization​

Have absolute control over monetization

Configure multiple plans, decide the pricing tiers, sell tickets or provide any other service related to your event.
Receive payments from your attendees​

Receive payments from your attendees

Get the money you earn from tickets without any fees. With Eventtia’s online event ticketing software you can integrate your favorite payment platform.


Online ticketing platform to ensure optimal user experience

Our event ticketing software will help you configure multiple pricing tiers, create early-bird tickets, generate discounts and coupon codes, offer VIP tickets, and integrate different payment platforms depending on your location.
Configure pricing tiers
Configure pricing tiers
Pricing tiers allow you to configure a date-based pricing scheme that changes automatically based on your preferences for one or more attendee types.
Create early-bird tickets
Create early-bird tickets
Create a sense of urgency and generate more interest in your event, ensuring a positive ROI. Offer early-bird tickets to incentivize early registration to your event.
Generate discounts codes
Generate discounts codes
Enable your team members and speakers to attract more attendees to your event. Create personalized discount codes they can subsequently offer to their audiences.
Integrate different payment platforms
Integrate different payment platforms
With Eventtia’s online event ticketing software you can access and integrate multiple payment platforms such as Stripe, PayPal, PayU, Wompi, Mercado Pago, and Adyen.


We will accompany you throughout the event planning cycle.

Our dedicated event support team will help you clarify your needs and identify the best solutions to planning a flawless event. We’ll guide you on the way to designing and running successful events.
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Some features that you will love

Planning an event shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming. Eventtia’s event management software will help you get the job done, even if you’ve never planned an event before.

Frequently asked questions

An event ticketing software allows event organizers to create, sell, and manage their tickets online.

This solution helps streamline ticketing, from creating tickets to tracking registrations.

Our event ticketing software will help you with the following:

  • Create a dedicated ticketing landing page with online ticket sales
  • Set up and sell selling different ticket types, depending on your attendee’s categories
  • Offer early bird and discount tickets
  • Access multiple payment options
  • Get real-time ticket sales performance data

Our event ticketing software lets prospective attendees easily register and purchase their tickets by entering their credit card information.
There are many essential advantages event organizers can get from using event ticketing software, including but not limited to the following:

  • Seamless registration and check-in. By enabling a reliable online ticketing system, you can save your attendees’ and your team’s valuable time by making it easy for attendees to register for the event and check in at the venue. No more long registration lines and error-prone check-in procedures. Ultimately, this will translate into improved efficiency and overall attendee satisfaction.
  • Amplify reach. One of the key benefits of using event ticketing software is that it amplifies your event’s reach, translating into increased registration and event revenue.
  • Access data analytics. Online ticketing software like Eventtia offers real-time data collection, analytics, and reporting tools, so you’ll be able to track your registrations and revenue.
While every event is unique and should have a unique approach to its ticketing system, here are some of the most important features you should look for in an event ticketing system:

  • Multiple pricing tiers. The event ticketing software should provide you with an easy way to create and configure multiple ticket prices. Advanced software like Eventtia will also allow you to configure a date-based pricing scheme that automatically changes based on preferences for one or more attendee types.
  • Time-based discounts. Early-bird tickets and time-based promotions are the most effective strategy for generating event awareness. A robust event ticketing system should provide an easy way to set up early-bird tickets and other time-based promotions to incentivize early registration.
  • Monetization control. The event ticketing software should offer a comprehensive way to configure multiple plans, manage different pricing tiers, and manage registrations.
  • Discount codes. Enable your team members, speakers, and sponsors to attract more attendees to your event with the ability to generate personalized discount codes for their respective audiences.
  • Payment management. A robust event ticketing software should offer integration into popular payment platforms like PayPal, Stripe, PayU, Mercado Pago, and Ayden. Also, fast and reliable credit card payment processing is a must.
  • Customization. Choose a solution that allows you to customize the ticketing page to include logos and other corporate elements so you can communicate your brand identity to your attendees.
Every event is unique, so you should first figure out your needs before deciding on an event ticketing solution.

Once you’ve identified your needs and requirements from the event ticketing software, categorize the features into priorities: must-have, nice-to-have, and not-very-important ones. The basic idea is to choose the best event ticketing solution that offers all the must-have features on your list.

Also, consider whether the event ticketing platform charges a processing fee for every ticket sale. Most event ticketing software charges a flat fee plus a percentage of the ticket price, ranging from $1 per ticket plus 1% to more than $2 per ticket plus 7% of the ticket price.
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