Event Data & Analytics Solution

Eventtia helps you generate accurate and detailed metrics to measure and refine your event strategy.

Event Data & Analysis Solution

Acquire a Bird’s Eye View To Uncover Patterns and Trends in Your Event Data

Harness the power of Eventtia's dashboard to centralize all your event data and accurately measure the impact of your planning strategy.

Registered attendees

Track the number of people who register to attend your event and take action accordingly.

Registrations by ticket type

Access granular insights into your event’s performance by measuring the registration number according to different ticket types.

Generate Reports and Download Data

With a simple click, generate reports and download data files.

Feed your CRM and Business Intelligence Tools

Merge event data with your CRM and your marketing services, to gain deeper insights.

Scheduled meetings

Track the number of one-on-one meetings your attendees have scheduled for their networking session with Eventtia's event analytics software.

Meeting status

See how many one-on-one attendee meetings have been accepted, waiting for a response, or rejected.

See Eventtia's Back-Office in Action

Measure Your Events’ Metrics and Extract Actionable Insights

Turn complex data into understandable narratives that can be easily interpreted and acted upon with event data management solution.

Access Real-time Data

Our cutting-edge event analytics platform captures and processes data in real-time, empowering you to make immediate, data-driven decisions on the spot.

Integrate Event Data into CRM

Merge event data with your CRM to gain deeper insights into your attendee's journey, understand their interactions, and refine your strategy for growth.

Optimize Attendee Experience

Curate experiences that resonate with your attendees. Understand their preferences and peak engagement moments to craft memorable and impactful events.

Access the Help of a Dedicated Technical Support Team

Our customer success team assists you in creating engaging event experiences. We provide step-by-step guidance, simplifying the process for your team.

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